Unexpected Things

Seren was just another fan, but when the most unexpected thing happened her life started to change


14. Chapter 14

Luke's POV

After band practice, I went home to have a quick shower and change so I looked nice for Seren.

Once I was ready I messaged Seren to tell her I was on my way. I was borrowing Cal's car as I can drive but don't have my own car at the moment.

On my way over I stopped off to pick up a single red rose for Seren, then carried on over to see my princess.

When I got to her house I knocked on the door and waited for her to answer, and hid the rose behind my back

"Hey" Seren said as she opened the door

"Hey beautiful" I replied as I pulled the rose out from my back

"Oh Luke its beautiful, you didn't need to" She said with a smile on her face

"Yes I did, you deserve to be treated like a princess" I told her

"You're the best Luke" She told me as she pulled me into a hug "I'll just go put this somewhere safe, i'll be back in a sec" She said as she came out of my embrace and headed inside

When she came outside again she shut the door and we got in the car and headed off to the restaurant

"I have I told you yet how beautiful you look tonight?" I asked

"Aww Lukey" She said sounding like a little kid "You don't look too bad yourself haha"

"Why thank you" I said cheekily

"So where are we going" Seren asked

"Shhh just wait and see" I said as a smirk spread across my face

"Okay then" She replied smirking too

The rest of the journey to the restaurant was filled with us talking about all manner of things, I love how we can just talk about anything, I love Seren so much I never want to loose her she is my everything my whole world and I would do anything to keep her happy and to keep her mine

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