Unexpected Things

Seren was just another fan, but when the most unexpected thing happened her life started to change


12. Chapter 12

Luke's POV

After I messaged Seren I called my favourite restaurant and reserved a table for that evening and when I got to band practice I asked the guys if they would help me out and set up the house and stay over at Mikey's again, they said they would only because when we went on tour I wouldn't see Seren for a while but little did they know what I was planning

Band practice was good we worked hard on some songs for the tour and had a lot of fun doing it and I knew that towards the end of practice that our manager who sorted the tour out was coming to watch us, so once we finished I asked him

"Hey this is a weird question but I really need to ask you this, basically I know have a girlfriend I can't bear to be away from her when we go on tour, so is there anyway she could come?"

"I really shouldn't allow it, but seeing as sometimes you will be staying in hotels and the few times you have to sleep on the tour bus there is a couple of beds thats are separated because we got a big bus, that just this once because I can see in your eyes that you really like her and really don't want to leave her that i'll make an exception" He replied

"Omg thank you" I said "She's going to be so happy"

"Its ok" He told me "Now go chill and enjoy your last few days of this before we go into heavy practicing"

"Okay" I said "Thanks again"

And with that I left to go and buy everything that I needed for tonight

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