Unexpected Things

Seren was just another fan, but when the most unexpected thing happened her life started to change


11. Chapter 11

Seren's POV

As I was walking down the road I pulled out my phone and called Meg

As she picked up the phone I said


"Hey" Meg replied "How was your night?"

"It was great I have so much to tell you!! How was yours?" I asked

"OMG I need to tell you about that in person, what are you doing right now?" Meg said

"Um i'm just walking home" I told her

"Can you come to mine?" She said sounding excited

"Sure i'll be there in 15 mins" I said and ended the call

So I ended the call and made a left and headed in the direction of Meg's house

After a little while of walking I felt my phone buzz in my pocket, when I pulled it out I saw that I had a text from Luke and it said

'Hello my precious star, I love you so much and I can't wait to see you later, I have a big surprise'

I found myself smiling like an idiot at Luke's message and replied

'I love you Luke, what surprise?'

Luke replied quickly with

'Just you wait and see my love'

'Awwww okay' I sent and slipped my phone back into my pocket

I then hurried onto Meg's house to tell her about last night and to hear about what happened between her and Cal

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