Unexpected Things

Seren was just another fan, but when the most unexpected thing happened her life started to change


10. Chapter 10

Luke's POV

That night was amazing, I loved every minute of it

The next morning I woke up to find myself with my arms wrapped around Seren and I felt her move a little like she was waking up,

"Morning beautiful" I said " I love you"

"Morning Luke I love you too" Seren replied

Then all of a sudden we heard a big ooooooh and then the guys were standing around us and we both sat up

"Is Lukey in Loooovvveee" Cal jeered

"Oh shut up guys" Seren said sleepily

"What are you guys doing back here anyway?" I asked

"We had to come back because Mikey and Cal needed their guitars" Ash said

"Whyy?" I inquired

"We do have a thing called band practice, before we head out on tour again"

"Wait what?" Seren said shocked

"You haven't told her?" Ash said

"I was going to tell you soon" I told Seren

"Right then we'll go get out guitars and get out your way" Cal said

Once the guys had left I told Seren that we were going on tour again in a couple weeks, she was upset at first and a little angry with me for not telling her sooner but then she thought that while we had two weeks together that we would make the most of it and deal with the long distance thing nearer the time, so then we planned that she would go home and shower ect. then after band practice I would pick her up for a mystery date

So we hugged and kissed goodbye, I offered Seren a lift home but she said she wanted to walk so she could call Meg, and with that she left and I got ready for band practice

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