The 100th Win

99 Pageant wins in a row, Blair Waldorf will stop at nothing to get her 100th, and claim her title. Of course it helps that her boyfriend is Chuck Bass, the richest highschooler in all of New York. The popular website, Gossip Girl is working with her and against her at times, but Blair will lie, steal and cheat to get her win, but what she doesn't know, there is a plan to take her down...


1. Meet the Queen

"It is time to crown the winner of the Charity Pageant," the announcer said.


I was so excited, this was it, my 99th win, I had it, I know I did.


"We have a pro here today ladies and gentlemen, and if the winner is this lovely lady, it will be her 99th win, and she will move on to the 100th win Pageant to support New York!"


That was me! The announcer was mentioning me, I mean of course she was, I was Blair Waldorf.


"Here it is! The card that holds all the marbles! And the winner is...Blair Waldorf! Congratulations Blair, you are going to the 100th win Pageant! We are so proud to have such a lovely young lady to represent New York!"


I stood up, and waved to everyone in the audience before walking up to the stage, my designer sparkly pumps matched my moms original Eleanor Waldorf plum princess dress, made especially for this day, it was worth over a million dollars, just like everything else I owned. My diamond necklace sparkled and shimmered as I walked, and my tiara from my 98th win was just as shiny as when I first received it. It fit perfectly on my brown curly hair.


I looked down at my wrist and the silver bracelet that my father gave me, made me smile. I missed my father so much. Him and my older brother Blake died in a car crash a few years ago. My life has changed dramatically after their death. I buckled down on my schooling and studied hard. Both my parents and brother went to Yale, and i was determined to follow in their footsteps and keep the legacy going. They were also always there for all my pageants and I wanted to make them proud by winning the 100th.


Every state in the United States, held pageants every year, and the girl or girls who win 99 pageants in that year go to the biggest pageant of the year. I have won every single year, and I was not about to lose this year, this will be my 18th win of the 100th win pageant. My parents entered me every year since my birth. This will be the third that my brother and father will not be attending and also the last year I can compete. Since I am 18 this year, I am not eligible to compete. I am the only New Yorker to ever win 99 pageants. Texas has 3 girls this year, and has a bigger chance than me, but please, I always win. 


I arrived on the stage and the announcer gave an introduction to me before I spoke on the microphone.


"I would like to thank everyone for coming today and trying their hardest! Blair Waldorf, congrats to you, you earned it darling!" The announcer exclaimed.


"Thank you Viv! I just want to give a big thank you to everyone who has got me to this point, my mother, father and brother especially. I am so honored to be going to the 100th win Pageant and I will not let you down New York!" I half yelled smiling.


I gladly accepted the crown as Viv put it on my head and I waved to the crowd.


"Darling! Darling," the announcer said.


"Darling! Darling," my mom said, waking me up from my dream of the pageant from a few weeks ago. I keep dreaming about the same night over and over again. It was so special. 


"Mother! I am up!" I yelled to my mother, from inside my bedroom in the penthouse in Manhattan.


"Get ready darling, your hair appointment is today, and the 100th win pageant is in two weeks sweetheart, and you still need to prepare, you can't waste any time Darling!" My mother yelled.


"Okay mother!" I called. I got out of my pearly white bed and looked in my vintage white vanity mirror. I smiled, and went to my closet. I got out a chocolate pencil skirt and a blazer to match it, lightly curled my hair and grabbed my special bracelet. 


I took out my phone and dialed my favorite number in my contacts. 


"Chuck, hello!" I said.


"Good morning Blair," Chuck said in his husky morning voice, which in his case, was his normal voice.


"Brunch at the Palace Cafe?" I asked.


"See you there," he half whispered and hung up. 


I closed my phone and walked down the double staircase to see Darota, my maid holding a tray full of my favorite fruit. I grabbed a grape, popped it in my mouth and gave a smile to Darota, and walked toward my mother.


"No, I specifically asked for the silver, not the cream color," my mom was talking to a client. "I do not want that, no, get me what I asked for, or you are fired!" She hung up, and turned to face me.


"Bad client?" I sympathized.


"You have no idea," she let out.


"If you need me, I will be at the Palace, with Chuck, good luck, bye mother," I said, walking toward the elevator. I pressed the button with my white gloves gracefully and walked right out of the penthouse into the sun of New York. My limo arrived right on time and I stepped in once the driver opened the door for me, inside waiting for me was my boyfriend, Chuck.


"Hello Chuck!" I smiled.


He smirked and kissed me passionately. "How was your evening?" He asked.


"Fine, but my morning has definitely been better?" I smiled, kissing him again.


The limo pulled up to the Palace and we both stepped out. The doorman opened the door for us, and I slid my designer glasses over my eyes and walked toward the double glass doors. As I strode in, a lady appeared directing us toward a window table. I smiled at her as a thank you and she disappeared.


A few tables over were my 'minions'. See, I was queen bee of the high school and they looked up to me. I had to be there for them or they would be lost without me. All of them came over to my table. I looked up at them, in a tad of disgust but a fake smile on my face.


"Ladies, I am on a date," I said, annoyed.


"So sorry Blair, but we have something important to tell you," Penelope said.


"What did I just say?" I asked.


Chuck just sat there, smirking at me, knowing that I was queen. He loved that about me.


"It is about little Jenny Humphrey," Penelope tried to get my attention, this time it worked.


I got up, excused myself from Chuck, but he didn't mind, he knows I have business to take care of and followed Penelope to the ladies room. She swung the door open and we all walked in together and found a place to huddle around in the huge bathroom.


"Little J thinks she can take your spot as queen, Blair, she has been trying to tell us gossip about you," Penelope started, but I cut her off. 


"Little J has nothing on me, she is from Brooklyn, and we are from Manhattan, she is more poor than my maids, and she will stay that way, is there anything else you want to tell me to keep me away from my date? Or will you keep ruining it? I don't give a damn about Jenny Humphrey, she will never take my spot as queen, you know why?" I asked.


"Why?" The girls asked, half scared.


"Because," I smiled, "I am Blair Waldorf."


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