Society is divided into five factions. As each person enters adulthood, he or she must choose a faction and commit to it for life. However, Evelyn initiation leads to the discovery that she is a Divergent and will never be able to fit into just one faction. Warned that she must conceal her status, Evelyn uncovers a looming war which threatens everyone she loves.


4. Chapter 4


Today was the day of the choosing ceremony, Beatrice and I were walking at the back of our family. I grab her hand and tightly hold onto it, to reassure her and myself that everything is going to be okay. We smile at each other as we enter the building, I look around as all five factions are here, I look to the front to see five bowls, one for each faction. I let go of Beatrice's hand as I notice the Erudite leader, Jeanine Matthews. "Morning, Jeanine" Dad says, "Good morning, Andrew. How is Marcus holding up?" Jeanine asks, "As well as can be expected" Dad says. "Mm. We need to find out who's behind those rumors" Jeanine says, "I think we all know who it is" Mum adds, "If it's someone from Erudite, I promise I'll find out who" Jeanine swears. She glances at the three of us, "These are your children. I don't think I knew they were choosing today" she says. "What's your name?" she asks my brother, "I'm...I'm Caleb" he tells her and they shake hands, "It's a pleasure to meet you" Caleb tells her. "Jeanine Matthews" she introduces herself before looking at Beatrice and I, "And you girls are?" she asks. "This is Evelyn and Beatrice" Caleb points us out, "Mm. You three have a big decision to make today. I'm sure your parents will support whatever choice you make" Jeanine tells us. "I thought it wasn't supposed to be a choice. The test should tell us what to do" Beatrice says, "You're still free to choose" Jeanine reminds us. "But you don't really want that" I say, "Evelyn" Caleb whispers my name in warning. Jeanine steps closer to me,"I want you to choose who you truly are and where you truly belong. Not on a whim, not because you wish for someone you're not, but because you honestly know yourself. I want you to choose wisely. And I know you will" she tells me and walks off.

We each take a seat in the Abnegation faction and clap as Jeanine makes an appearance on stage, "The factions system is a living being composed of cells; all of you. And the only way it can survive and thrive is for each of you to claim your rightful place. The future belongs to those who know where they belong" Jeanine address us. She walks off stage and the Abnegation leader, Marcus takes her place. "When you leave this room, you will no longer be dependents, but full fledged members of our society. Faction before blood" Marcus says, "Faction before blood" we all echo. Mother takes my hand in hers, "I love matter what" she whispers to me.

I listen to Marcus call out peoples names and announce what faction they've chosen. I get pulled out of my daydream when my brother's name gets called out, I look his way as he gets up out of his chair. I follow with my eyes as he walks onto the stage, I watch as he cuts his hand with the knife and let a drop of blood fall into one of the bowls. "Erudite" Marcus announces, the crowd claps as I watch my parents faces look visibly disappointed. "Evelyn Prior" Marcus calls my name out, I suddenly felt sick and sad to think that my parents are going to be disappointed with my choice. I give my family a nervous smile as I walk past them and onto the stage. I look at each of the five bowls carefully, each contains a substance that represents one of the five factions. Gray stones for Abnegation, water for Erudite, earth for Amity, lit coals for Dauntless, and glass for Candor. I grab the knife and slice my palm open, holding my hand above the Abnegation bowl, but at the last second I move my hand to another bowl and allow my blood to drop on the coals. I heard the sizzling of my blood as Marcus shouts out my new faction. The crowd claps and Dauntless cheers for me as I go over to them, I take a sit in their section and turn to my parents to see that they looked surprised and disappointed. "Beatrice Prior" Marcus calls out for my younger sister, I watch her as she walks up the stage and cuts her palm, her blood drips into a bowl. "Dauntless" Marcus announces, I smile and cheer for my sister as she takes a seat next to me. 






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