Society is divided into five factions. As each person enters adulthood, he or she must choose a faction and commit to it for life. However, Evelyn initiation leads to the discovery that she is a Divergent and will never be able to fit into just one faction. Warned that she must conceal her status, Evelyn uncovers a looming war which threatens everyone she loves.


20. Chapter 20


Tris and I enter the safe house that mother mentioned to us, I watch as Abnegation member slowly come out of hiding. "Where's our father?" Tris asks them as silent tears run down our faces, "Beatrice? Evelyn?" I hear our father's voice from behind us. I turn around to see Dad coming out of his hiding place, "Your mother?" he asks us and we don't answer him. Realization draws on his face as his figured out what's happened, he comes over to us and embraces us as we begin to cry again. "She saved us. She saved us" I whisper, "Then it wasn't in vain" Dad says. "We need to leave here" Marcus tells us, "Are there soldiers outside?" he asks me and Tris, I couldn't help but glare at him. "No, it's clear" Tris informs him, I go over to Caleb who starts to cry, "I should have believed you" he says and I pull him into a hug. "I left as soon as I realized. Why is this happening? I don't understand. Why are Dauntless fighting for Erudite?" Caleb questions, "They don't know what they're doing, they're under simulation. We need to wake them up, we need to get to Dauntless" I tell them as I point to Tris and I. "It's a fortress. It's not gonna happen" Marcus says, "We can get us in there" Tris tells him.

Tris and I managed to get Dad, Caleb and Marcus onto the train. "Get ready" I tell them, "What now?" Dad asks, "You're not gonna like it" I inform them. Tris opens the train door and jumps off, I follow after her and roll to my feet as I watch the others make it. We run to the edge where we have to jump down, "There's a net at the bottom. Don't think, just jump" I tell them as I get up onto the edge and fall off. I quickly get off the net as Tris soon follows, we then help Dad, Caleb and Marcus off the net. "Are you good?" I ask them, "Let's go" Tris says and takes the lead. I peak around a corner to see Peter holding guard, "Wait here" I tell the others with Tris following me. I kick Peter's knee out and disarm him, Tris holds him at gunpoint as I grab his gun and do the same, "Against the wall" I tell him and he stands by the wall. "How are you awake?" Tris asks him, "Cause I'm smarter than you. And they need me" he tells us, "Where are they controlling it from?" I question him. "Why would I tell you? It's not like you're gonna shoot me" Peter says and I lower my gun slightly, "Why do people keep saying that?" I ask and shoot him in the arm. "Where are they controlling it from?" Tris asks again, "I'll show you" Peter informs us and stands up. Tris calls the others and they join us, "Did you really need to shoot him?" Marcus asks me. "Every minute we waste another Abnegation dies and a Dauntless becomes a murderer" I tell him, I look over to Peter, "Let's go" I tell him and push him forward.

Peter leads us until we come to a stop as we see Dauntless members gathered outside a room, "That's it, isn't it?" Tris asks him, "Yeah" he confirms. "I've seen Jeanine go in there. That's where she's controlling it from" I point out. Suddenly dad takes my gun, "Like you said, we have no second to waste" he says and steps out of our hiding place. "Dad, no!" I shout as he starts shooting, I quickly grab Marcus's gun and help dad shoot the Dauntless members. I turn around to see Caleb kneeling beside Dad's dead body crying, "Watch them. I'm going in there" I tell Tris who gives me a nod of her head as a single tear escapes.


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