Society is divided into five factions. As each person enters adulthood, he or she must choose a faction and commit to it for life. However, Evelyn initiation leads to the discovery that she is a Divergent and will never be able to fit into just one faction. Warned that she must conceal her status, Evelyn uncovers a looming war which threatens everyone she loves.


2. Chapter 2


I watch as my brother runs forward to help a poor lady with her bags, "Let me help you with that" Caleb tells her. He turns to Beatrice and I, "Do you girls wanna get the other bags?" he asks us, "Sure" I whisper and reluctantly pick up the bags.

The three of us walk towards the station, "What if she'd been blind or amputee, wouldn't you have helped her then?" Caleb kept asking us. "We were thinking about helping her" Beatrice tells him, "It's not that hard" Caleb says, "For you maybe" I mumble but he still hears me. "Just relax, Evelyn. Take a deep breath and trust the test" he tells me. Trust the test. The test will tell me who I am, where I belong. Am I smart? Kind? Am I honest? Selfless? Or brave?

We line up in the Abnegation line as we wait to enter the station. "Hey, so all the food that we're not getting, you guys are giving away to the factionless? Right? Yeah?" a boy from Candor asks a group of Abnegation guys. "Yeah" the guy answers, "You're a liar. Why are you lying to me? Everybody knows you keep it for yourselves, so why don't you just admit it? Huh?" the Candor guy mocks, but the Abnegation guys stay silent. "I'm talking to you. Are all you stiffs deaf or something? Hey!" the Candor guy pushes one of my own. I go to retaliate but Caleb grabs my shoulders, "Evelyn. Don't" he tells me. I look behind me as I hear the train pulling up, meaning the Dauntless kids are arriving. I watch as they all leap from the moving train and run towards the station, I watch them with envy as they were running free.

We pile into a room where we all sit, I seat myself in-between Caleb and Beatrice. "One hundred years ago, after the war, our founders created a system they believed would prevent future conflict and create lasting peace. Today's aptitude testing, based on your personality, will assign you to one of the factions. While it is our belief that choosing the faction indicated by your test is the best way to ensure success within the faction system, it is your right tomorrow, at the choosing ceremony, to choose any of the five factions regardless to your test results. However, once the choice has been made, there will be no change permitted" a lady from Erudite lectures us on the history of the aptitude test.

I, along with the other kids, line up to stand outside a door. One at a time they go in, and finally it was my row's turn. I look at Caleb and Beatrice for a moment before everyone enters the room. As I enter the room I see a Dauntless woman setting up the equipment, I also notice the large mirror that was to my left. I briefly look at my reflection before turning away. "What is it with you Abnegation and mirrors?" the lady questions as she types away on the computer, "We reject vanity" I tell her, "Yeah, I know. Sit down" she says. I walk over and sit down on the chair, catching a glimpse of a tattoo on the woman's back. "I'm Tori, I'll be administrating your test. You'll be offered a series of choices to test your aptitude for each faction until you get one result. I wouldn't sweat it, ninety-five percent get the faction of their origin, and by the looks of you..." Tori trails off while handing me a blue liquid to drink. "What is it?" I ask her, "Bottoms up" Tori says.
I sniff the substances before closing my eyes and drinking it. When I open my eyes, I found myself alone and the equipment gone. I get off the chair and walk over to the mirror, looking at my reflection way longer than I should. I turn around to see the whole room has become mirrors and all I can see are reflections of myself. Someone taps my shoulder and I turn around to see myself, "Choose. Now, before it's too late" my reflection tells me. I see a knife on one plate and a piece of meat on another, "Why? What will I do?" I ask my reflection. "Choose" she simply says, "Just tell me" I say to her. Suddenly I hear a dog barking, making me jump and stare at the beast. I look to the plates to see both the knife and meat are gone, I back away fearfully from the barking dog. It jumps up at me and snarls as I dodge away from it, it turns around and runs back at me. I take in a deep breath before closing my eyes and falling to my knees, when I open them again I see that the dog is now a puppy. I smile at it and pat it on its head, "Puppy!" a younger me calls out. I smile at the ten year old of me, I turn back to the puppy to see that it turned back into the snarling beast. It snarls at my younger self and goes to attack the younger me, I jump up to my feet and chase after the dog. I tackle the dog to the floor, making us go through it. I jolt awake to see I'm back in the room with a worried looking Tori beside me. "Get up. We're going out the back door before the supervisor comes" Tori tells me as she grabs my arm, "But what was my result?" I ask her, "Come on" Tori says. "What happened?" I ask as we stand by the door, "You're going to tell your family that the serum made you sick and that I sent you home, alright" Tori says, "No, but what was my result?" I ask again. "Abnegation. And Erudite, and Dauntless" Tori informs me, "Dauntless"I whisper to myself, "Your results were inconclusive" Tori tells me. "That...that's impossible. That doesn't make any sense" I say, "No, not impossible. It's just extremely rare. They call it Divergent. You can't tell anyone about this, not even your parents. As far as the world is concerned you received an Abnegation result because that is what I manually entered" Tori tells me. "But what am I supposed to do at the choosing ceremony? I was supposed to learn what to do, this was suppose to tell me what faction to choose, the test. We're supposed to trust the test!" I say, "The test didn't work on you. You have to trust yourself" Tori says before opening the door and pushing me out. 







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