Society is divided into five factions. As each person enters adulthood, he or she must choose a faction and commit to it for life. However, Evelyn initiation leads to the discovery that she is a Divergent and will never be able to fit into just one faction. Warned that she must conceal her status, Evelyn uncovers a looming war which threatens everyone she loves.


19. Chapter 19


Tris and I were taken out back, to a quiet spot to be executed. They push me to my knees and Tris is pushed to her knees in front of me, so we are facing each other. Tris grabs my hands as a tear leaks from her eye. I feel the tip of the gun placed against the side of my head, I close my eyes and wait. Wait for death to come and claim me. I hear shots ring out but I feel no pain, I feel nothing. I open my eyes to see the guards around me dead, I glance at Tris to see she's unharmed. I look around to see mum running towards us, "Evelyn!" Mum shouts my name, "Mum?" I ask. "Beatrice!" Mum shouts as she lands beside us, "Mum" Tris says. Mum takes one of the dead guard's knife and cuts away mine and Tris's bondage, "Okay, we gotta run" mum tells us, I nod my head and grab two guns, throwing one to Tris. "You were Dauntless?" I question her as we hid behind a wall, "It's served me well today" Mum says, "Is Dad okay?" Tris asks. "Yeah. He led a group over to Monroe in the State, we're gonna meet him there" she informs us, "Let's go" I tell them as I spot Dauntless members running over to us. We run down an alley way when bullets started to fly at us, we quickly dove for cover. Mum nodded her head at us and we all stood up and fired, I managed to shoot two before taking cover again. I turned around and covered our rear when I notice Will pointing his gun at us, "Will! Will!" I shout his name as I aim my gun at him but he doesn't respond. He fires his gun at me and I take cover, I quickly take aim at him again, "Will! Will, stop! Stop!" I shout at him, not wanting to kill my friend. He shoots at me and barely misses me, "Stop!" I shout at him but he shoots again. I reluctantly shoot back and kill him, I slide down the wall and take deep breaths. "Okay. Come on, honey. We gotta go" Mum tells me as her and Tris cover both ways, I get up and follow after them, looking at Will's body as we leave.

After a few minutes I stop running, my sister and mum also stop and turn back to me. "I killed him. I killed him. I killed him" I repeat as I start to break down, "Come here" Mum says and brings me into a hug. "Okay. Let's go find your father" Mum tells us as she pulls away, we go to the end of the alley and look out into the street. "Cover me" Mum tells us, "No. I'll go" Tris decides and I nod my head at her, I kneel down and aim down the street as Tris starts to run across. "Move it!" I shout to Tris as Dauntless members begin to run at us, Mum and I shoot at them as Tris picks up the pace. "Go" Mum tells me, I get up and run across while shooting at them, I manage to shoot three before making it across the street. "Mum!" I call for our mother as Tris and I take aim, we kill the last remaining Dauntless members as mum makes it over to us, "You okay?" Tris asks her. "Yeah. I'm okay" Mum tells us, "Okay, let's go!" I tell them as I go to run. I stop as I hear a sudden thud, I turn around to see mum laying on the ground, I skid to her side and notice the blood pooling on her side. I put my hands on top of her wound, applying pressure, "Mum! Mum!" Tris calls for her as she lands on the other side of her. I start to weep as her head rolls to the side, "Mum! No! Mum! Mum!" Tris shouts as she leans up against the wall. "Mum? Mum! Mum, wake up! Mum! God! Mum!" I shout as I pull her to me, resting my head on top of her's. The Dauntless members start to shoot at us again, "Stop! Stop!" Tris shouts. I gently lay mum down, "I love you, mum" I tell her and give her a kiss on the forehead before helping Tris up and running off. 



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