Society is divided into five factions. As each person enters adulthood, he or she must choose a faction and commit to it for life. However, Evelyn initiation leads to the discovery that she is a Divergent and will never be able to fit into just one faction. Warned that she must conceal her status, Evelyn uncovers a looming war which threatens everyone she loves.


18. Chapter 18


It was night time and I couldn't get to sleep, I was thinking about the "tracking devices" Eric gave us. I rolled over in my bed to see all the new members of Dauntless getting dressed, "Hey, what's..." I was asking Chris but trail off as she looks at me blankly. I get out of bed and watch everyone, I touch my neck and realize everyone is being mind controlled, "Oh my god" I whisper. I get dressed in black jeans, black tank top and put a leather jacket over the top. I quickly walk over to Tris's bed to see she is still asleep, "Oi! Get up" I tell her as I shake her awake. "Why? What's happening?" she asks, "Get dress and don't ask questions" I tell her as I tie my hair in a messy pony tail. We walk in a line as we join everyone in the Pit, where Eric and Max are checking us. "They can see and hear us, but just don't process the same way. The command's come in to be transferred" I hear Max inform Eric as I try to blend in with the others, I watch as they pick up guns. I look out of the corner of my eye to see a man wondering out of line, looking bewildered, "What's going on? What are we doing?" the guy asks but nobody answers. I could hear Tris's breath behind me pick up speed as Max says 'Divergent', I watch carefully as Eric goes over to him. "Hey. Everything's fine, nothing to worry about" Eric tells him before shooting him in the head, I quickly divert my eyes and stare straight ahead as I pick my gun.

We pile into the train, and I even out my breathing to make it look like I'm being controlled. I stare ahead and notice Four a few rows ahead of me, I slowly walk out of my line and move a spot forward, now standing between Christina and Will. I glance at them both before moving forward so I'm behind Four, I take another step, making me slightly in front of Four. I felt his hand entwine with my own, I let out a breath and felt relieved as the serum did not effected him.

Once the train stop at the next faction we all got off. We march through the streets of Abnegation, I watch as the Dauntless go through every house, rounding up the people of Abnegation. "We need to find my parents" I tell Four as Tris comes to my side "Alright. Where's your house?" Four asks. We veer off from the others and walk into what once use to be my home, "Mum? Dad?" Tris calls out as we search the house. "Where could they have gone?" Four asks as we find the house empty, "I don't know" I tell him. We exit the house and sneak onto the line of marching Dauntless, I keep staring ahead as Eric, Max and and another Dauntless member stop us three. "The legendary Four, a mindless drone. You were first in your class, now you're...nothing" Eric tells Four who doesn't move, Eric goes to leave but suddenly turns back around to us. "What? You think he might be...?" Max questions Eric, "There's one way to find out" Eric says and holds a gun to Four's head. "Say goodbye, asshole" Eric says, "Goodbye" I tell him and point my gun at him. Max points his gun at me and Four points his gun at Max, Tris and the other member point their guns at each other. "Move and you'll die!" Four informs Max, "The Stiffs?" Eric asks as he looks at Tris and I, he laughs and looks back at Four. "Three Stiffs. Three dead stiffs" Eric says, "We can't let a single Divergent slip through. This is what happens" the Dauntless member says. "She's not gonna shoot me" Eric says, sounding confident. "I think you might be overestimating my character" I tell him, Eric turns to attack me but I shoot him in the leg. Four knocks Max down and before the Dauntless member could pull the trigger, Tris put a bullet in his leg. "Run!" Four shouts and we do so, a Dauntless member comes around the corner and Four shoots him. Max fires his gun and it hits me in the arm, "You're hit" Four mumbles as he pulls me to him. "Okay, don't move!" a Dauntless male tells us as he and two others point their guns at us, "Drop your weapons" Max orders us from behind. We look at him before doing what we are told, three guys come up to us and tie our hands together before picking up our guns.

We were dragged into a house where Jeanine waits, "Tobias Eaton" Jeanine says before looking at my sister and I. "And you two, Evelyn and Beatrice. I thought it was intellect I was sensing in you both" she tells us, "Maybe you're not as smart as you think you are" I tell her which earned me the end of a gun in my stomach. I double over in pain but the two holding my arms pull me back up, "Why are you attacking all these innocent people?" Tris asks her. "Innocent people? Abnegation if left unchecked will destroy the faction system. Same can be said for the three of you. Somebody has to stop you, if we don't, peace will be lost" she informs us, "It's already been lost, you destroyed it" Four tells her. "Human nature destroyed it. Those of us with the vision to see that are called upon to protect the rest. We will restore the peace. And this time it wall last" Jeanine tells us, "And what if you're wrong?" I question her. Jeanine doesn't answer but walks closer to Four and looks at him, "Bring him with us" she tells the guards that hold him. She comes over to me and touches the gunshot wound on my arm, making me wince in pain. "She's injured. Then her results would be unclear. Get rid of her. Get rid of them both" she says as she looks at Tris before walking away. I elbow the guard that was holding me in the stomach and knock the other to the ground. I go to help Tris but one knocks me to the ground, another grabs my arm, dragging me to my feet with the first guard and another holds a gun at me head. I watch as Four manages to grab Jeanine but the guards stop him, knocking him down. "Let's go! Come on" a guard says as they drag us outside, I look over my shoulder as Four is being dragged to Jeanine's car. I meet his eyes and give a light smile before my head was pushed forward and they take me and Tris away. 




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