Society is divided into five factions. As each person enters adulthood, he or she must choose a faction and commit to it for life. However, Evelyn initiation leads to the discovery that she is a Divergent and will never be able to fit into just one faction. Warned that she must conceal her status, Evelyn uncovers a looming war which threatens everyone she loves.


17. Chapter 17


I wake up from someone placing kisses on my shoulder, "Morning" I greet Four. He moves away from my shoulder, "Hey. Come on, I wanna show you something" he tells me, "Okay" I say. I get up and tie my hair in a messy pony tail before grabbing my jacket and following Four to the roof top. "Look" he says, I look down to see Erudite members bringing in supplies, "Erudite" I point out. "Yeah. They're here every morning. I've been watching them for weeks" Four informs me as he wraps and arm around my waist, "What are they doing in Dauntless?" I ask him. "Loading in supplies. Computers. And these" he says, I turn around and see a vial containing an orange serum. "What is that?" I ask him, "I think it's some kind of cognitive transmitter, you inject it like a serum" he tells me. "Why?" I ask, "It's supposed to make you more susceptible to suggestion, but as many as they have, they could create an army" Four informs me. I look at him with fear when an announcement comes on, "Attention, all initiates report for final testing. All initiates report for final testing" it says, "You're ready. You can do this" Four tells me.

Four and I walk into the building where the final testing is to take place, I look around to see Jeanine there along with the Dauntless leaders. "They can see your hallucinations on the screen. So you get passed your fears the way the Dauntless would, but do it quickly" Four tells me, "Right. If I'm too good then they'll kill me, and if I'm too slow then I'll die" I point out, "Right. Good luck" he says and walks off. I walk up to the simulation chair and sit down, "Good luck, Evie". I hope you make it Tori tells me as she injects me with the simulation serum. I close my eyes and then opens them, to find myself in the middle of a field. I watch as the fire starts to enclose around me, I pull my jacket over my mouth and nose so I don't breath in the smoke. It starts to get hot and my eyes start to water, I look down to see the puddle of water. The fire start to lick at my feet, I move back and take a running start, I leap over the flames and roll to my feet. As I stand up I see that I'm in the tank again and the water was starting to fill up. I place my hands on the glass and was about to crack it again, when I stopped and look down through the rising water. I notice a drain that was allowing the water to get through, I shrug off my jacket and take a deep breath before diving under. I stuff my jacket in the drain, until I couldn't get any more in. I swim back up to the top of the tank and take a breath of air that only has room for my head. I open my eyes to see I was in Four's room with Four walking towards me, "Congratulations" he says and kisses me. He goes to take my shirt off but I push his hand away, "Four" I warn him as he starts to kiss me neck. "Four!" I call his name again but he pushes me onto his bed, he grabs my hands and lies on top of me, "Four! Stop" I tell him as I wiggle beneath him. "Once your Dauntless..." he trails off and goes to kiss me, I knee him in the groin and throw him off me. I wake up in the simulation testing area with everyone clapping for me, I step down from the chair and walk over to Four who was the last one to stop clapping. "Please tell me that you weren't watching that" I say, "You'd feel better if I said no?" he asks and smiles at me. "You did well" Jeanine tells me as she comes over, she then holds out a gun for me to take, "Now. One final test" she says. I take the gun and look to the left as my parents, sister, and brother walk towards me. "You know what to do" Jeanine tells me, "What?" I ask her. "If you wanna be Dauntless" she says, "No" I tell her, "Do it" she says. I aim the gun and fire. I jump awake from the simulation, "You alright?" Four asks as he places a hand on my shoulder. I look around to see Jeanine talking to other leaders, "It all looked good to me, okay? Come on, let's go" Four tells me.

" members of Dauntless" Max says, we all clap and cheer while shouting 'Dauntless' out. Tris and I kept smiling at each other as we watch Christina and Will cuddle each other as we walked into the Pit, "Come on, get in line" a women tells us as she shoves past me. "What's going on?" Tris asks out aloud, "Alright, listen up. Before you leave tonight, I want you all in four lines. Everyone gets a tracking device. Don't ask questions, just a precaution" Eric informs us all. I watch as everyone gets in lines and are being injected, "Do you see Four?" I ask my friends as I look around in fear. "Oh, my god" I whisper and go to leave only for Eric to stand in my way. "Congratulations. You should be first in line, but I'll make it easy for you" Eric says, I felt a pain in my neck, only to realize that a Dauntless member injected me. "Hurts like a bitch, huh? Now you're really one of us" Eric says and walks past me. 



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