Society is divided into five factions. As each person enters adulthood, he or she must choose a faction and commit to it for life. However, Evelyn initiation leads to the discovery that she is a Divergent and will never be able to fit into just one faction. Warned that she must conceal her status, Evelyn uncovers a looming war which threatens everyone she loves.


13. Chapter 13


The next day I get dressed in black jeans, a black crop top and a leather jacket over the top. I tie my hair in a messy bun and leave a few strands around my face, I also have my combat boots tied up. Today we were helping the Amity load supplies into trucks, "We passed the first stage of training and this our reward. Glamorous" Christina mumbles as I toss up a sack of supplies onto the truck. I go to grab another sack when a light flashes in my eyes, "Tris" I call for my sister and I lead us behind the trucks to find our Mother. "Mum?" Tris questions, "Oh, my girls!" Mum says as she embraces us. "What are you doing here?" I ask her, "I knew they'd assign you here sooner or later. Look at you both. God, you're both so string and beautiful" Mother says as she touches our cheeks tenderly. "Mum, you can't be here" I tell her, "I know, but you're both in danger" she informs us, "What?" Tris questions. "I have to ask you girls something. You weren't sick the day you took your aptitude tests, were you?" Mum asks us, "Why?" I question her, "What were your test results?" Mother asks, ignoring my question. I look around before looking into my Mother's eyes, "Baby, it's okay, you can tell me" she whispers. "They were, uh...they were inconclusive" I inform her, mum nods her head before looking at Tris. "They were the same" she admits, I stare at my younger sister to see that she was also Divergent. "Divergent? You can't tell anyone. You can't tell your friends, your instructors, you can't trust anyone" Mother tells us, suddenly an alarm goes off, signaling that we were done for the day. "People have always been so threatened by Divergents. But now Erudite is looking for them everywhere, they're actively seeking them out" Mum informs us, "Why? Mum, what are we?" I ask her. "You don't conform, your mind works in a million different ways. They're scared of you, girls. Stage two of training is where are most at risk. They're gonna get inside your had and watch how you respond to fear. But you can both pass, you girls can make it through Dauntless, I have seen it before" Mother tells us, "How do you know so much about this? You weren't Dauntless?" Tris asks. "Never mind about me. Do not let them know who you are" Mother tells us, "No, but, wait. Were you Dauntless?" I ask her. "Listen!..." Mother starts to say but we get interrupted by one of the Dauntless instructors, "What are you girls doing?" he asks us. I glance at him before looking back at where Mother was to see she disappeared, "The truck's loaded. Let's go" he tells us and we follow after him.

I along with the rest of the initiates wait outside the simulation room where we will be tested on the control of our fears. The door opens and we watch as Molly is taken out of the room, shaking and crying. "What did they do to her" Chris asks but none of answer, "Evie" Four calls my name. I stand up and follow him into the simulation room, "Take a seat" he tells me. I take my jacket off before laying down in the simulation chair, I watch as Four closes the door and starts to prepare a needle. "I'm gonna inject you with a serum that simulates the part of your brain that processes fear" Four informs me, "Great" I whisper as I get comfortable. "It induces hallucination and then transmitters in the serum, allowing me to see the images in your mind" he tells me, "You can see inside my mind?" I ask him and he nods his head. He walks over to me and moves a few strands of hair way from my neck, he smiles slightly at me before injecting me with the serum. "Okay, you're going to be facing your worst fears, Evie. Most people have ten to fifteen really bad ones. You have to calm yourself. Slow your heart rate and your breathing and deal with what's in front of you. Be brave" Four tells me, I nod my head and close my eyes.

I open my eyes to see that I'm laying down in a field by the city fence, near the Amity faction. I stand up slowly as I see fire circle around me, I start to cough as the smoke gets into my lungs. My heart starts to race as the flames get closer to me, I could feel the heat through my clothing. I dropped to my knees and cover my head with my arms, 'Slow your heart rate' I heard Four's voice go through my head. I look through my hands to see a puddle before me, "This isn't real" I whisper to myself before taking a deep breath and drop my face into the puddle, I then find myself fallen completely into the water.

I snap out of the simulation, "It's alright. It's alright. You okay?" Four asks me as he clams me down from my heavy breathing. I take a few deep breaths as I get out of the chair and walk around, "How long did you think you were in the hallucination, Evie?" he asks me. "Twenty minutes" I say, "Three. Four times faster than the average. I've never seen anyone do that well their first time. How did you get out of the fire? The image wasn't clear" Four tells me. "Um...I just went into the water" I inform him, "Well, next time it will be a lot easier" Four says. "I have to do that again?" I ask him, "Yeah, you have to practice several times before the final. But you're a natural, you got nothing to worry about" he tells me.

We gather around, mine and Tris beds as we talk about our fears. "My whole body was covered in these little insects. They were in my ears, in my throat, I couldn't breath" Chris informs us, "I heard about this guy, like two years ago, got so panicked he has a heart attack in his chair, he almost died" Al tells us. "What?" Tris asks him, "Yeah, so we got that to look forward to, right?" Will says and they all chuckle. "You guys didn't seem to have any problems at all" Chris says to Tris and I, "Us? No, no. Oh, my god. It was awful" I tell them. "Oh, come on. No one even came close to your times. You guys were amazing" Al tells my sister and I, "Yeah, what's amazing is how they are gonna kick you right out of Dauntless" Peter says as he stops in front of my bed. "We're not going to kick him out" I say at the exact moment when Al says, 'They're not gonna kick me out of Dauntless.' "Look they've gone from being the worst to one of the best. Somebody's gotta take their place at the bottom. Who's it gonna be? You" Peter says, "Do you ever shut up?" Chris asks him. He ignores her and looks at Tris and I, "What's your trick?" he asks us, "We don't have a trick" I tell him. "Nobody gets through it that fast. Why don't you tell us how you do it?" Peter suggests and I ignore him, "At least tell your friends" he says before walking off. "What's he talking about? Is there some way to make it easier?" Al asks, "No" Tris and I both answer. Will, Chris and Al look at us with suspicion, "No. I'm not...we're not doing anything" I reassure them. 




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