Society is divided into five factions. As each person enters adulthood, he or she must choose a faction and commit to it for life. However, Evelyn initiation leads to the discovery that she is a Divergent and will never be able to fit into just one faction. Warned that she must conceal her status, Evelyn uncovers a looming war which threatens everyone she loves.


11. Chapter 11


Will, Christina and I all sit beside Tris as we wait for her to wake up. Slowly, her eyes begin to open. "Wow, you look...look bad" Chris says, her Candor side coming out. "How long have I been here?" Tris asks, "About a day" Will informs her, "A day? Have you seen the score board? Where am I?" Tris asks, "You're below the line" I tell her. "Why are you wearing those vests?" Tris questions, "War games" Will tells her. She glances at me, "Why aren't you?" she asks me, "I'm out. Eric kicked me out" I inform her and her eyes drop, "And me?" she asks. "Yeah, he says you're done. Your father's on the council, guys. Maybe they'll make an exception and let you go home" Will suggests, Tris looks visibly upset, "I'm sorry, sis" I tell her. "We gotta go. We're gonna miss the train" Will says, Christina gives Tris a hug before giving me one, "Bye" she says. Will then gives us a hug and follows after her, "Bye" I tell them and we watch them leave.

I glance to the wall to see two vest hanging, I go over and grab them. I chuck one at Tris before putting mine on, "What are you doing?" Tris asks as she sits up. "We're not going to be thrown out. Come on, we'll miss the train" I tell her, we both smile at each other before racing off after the train. I help Tris on before a hand sticks out for me to grab, I grab it and jump into the train. I look up to see that it belong to Four, "Thanks" I say and walk over to my friends with Tris. "Hi" Chris greets us, "Hi" we both say. "What are you guys doing here?" Will asks, Tris and I look at each other before looking back at them, "We just figured that we had to make it" Tris answers. "Who let you girls out?" Eric asks us as he comes over to us, I cleared my throat and stared at him, "I did" I tell him. "You did?" he asks and I nod my head, he watches me for a moment , "Okay" he says and walks off. I turn around to see Four smiling at me, "Let's sit you down" Christina tells us.

"The game's simple. Just like "Capture the Flag." Four tells us, "Weapon of choice" Eric says as he holds up the gun. "You call that a gun?" Molly asks, Eric loads up the dart and suddenly shoots her in the leg, she falls down in pain, Eric takes the dart out of her leg and holds it up. "Neurostim dart. Simulates the pain of a real gun shot wound, only lasts a couple of minutes. Two teams. Four and I are captains" Eric informs us, "You pick first" Four tells Eric. "Okay. Edward" Eric says, "Evie" Four calls my name. "Oh. Picking the weak ones so you got someone to blame when you lose" Eric says, "Something like that" Four says. I notice that Four was picking the smart ones, while Eric was going for the strong, tough ones.

We jumped of last, as Eric thought getting off first would give him an advantage. "Where did Eric's team go?" Tris asks, "They must have gone to the end" Will answers. "Alright, lights off. Gather round, come on" Four instructs, we switch our flash lights off and huddle. "Okay, what's your strategy?" Four asks us, "Uh...we can either flag the wall so they find us" Al suggests, "We send out a team to scout the location, see if we can find their flag" Will adds in. "I say we blitz them. Just beat them with sheer force" Ezra puts in, "That's the best way to lose quickly" I tell him. "Let them come to us. We don't know where they are" Al says, "Okay, we're gonna split into two groups. Defense and offense" Tris says. "Who put you in charge?" Al asks her, "Someone has to make a decision" she tells them. I look up to see a Ferris wheel nearby, I get an idea and head over to it.

I drop my gun at the base of the ladder and start to climb it, "You're not gonna jump, are you?" I hear a voice asking me. I look down to see Four starring up at me, "No, I'm just trying to get a good vantage point" I tell him and carry on climbing, "Good thinking" he says and hurries after me. "You don't have to come with me" I tell him, "I know, but I want to" he says, I smile at his answer and keep climbing. As I place my foot on the bar, it snaps and falls down. I felt Four grab my hip, and I sucked in a breath as his fingers touched my skin, "You good? You okay?" he asks me as he helps me become steady. "Yeah, I'm fine" I tell him and carry on climbing, "This is high enough" he says, "No, we need to go higher" I tell him. I move up a few bars to see that Four hasn't moved, "You alright?" I ask him. I watch as he looks around himself in fear, "You're afraid of heights" I point out, "Everyone's afraid of something" he says as he looks up at me. "I didn't think you were afraid of anything" I tell him and carry on climbing. I could hear him start to climb again, "Com on, Evie" he says but I move even higher. "Really? Are you even human?" he asks and I giggle at that, I finally stop climbing and look around me. "This isn't so bad" I say as Four reaches me, "Yeah" he says as he looks down in fear. "Hey" I say as I place my hand over his, his head snaps towards mine, "Keep your eyes on me" I tell him and he nods his head without looking away. "There it is" I point out where Eric hid his flag. This time we slowly climb back down to the others.

"Alright, what's your plan?" Four asks, "We'll split into two groups. We'll go up this side and leave the rest of you to engage Eric" I inform everyone as we split into two groups. "I can see them!" one of Eric's team member shouts out, "Go, go!" Four shouts and we run for coverage. We watch as the first group shoot at Eric's team, "Follow me. Go" Four says and Tris and I follow him. We hide behind a barrel and Four looks at me, "Go" he says and I nod my head, "Tris" I call her name and we run ahead. I sneak around a container and stand behind Peter as he points his gun at Tris, "Tell me if this hurts" Peter says. "You tell me" I say, he turns around to me and I shot him in the leg and he falls in pain. "Bitch!" he hisses, "Asshole" Tris says as she walks over him and also shots him. Tris and I run over to the tower where the flag is, "Go, Evie. I'll guard" Tris tells me, I nod my head and run up the stairs. I open up the hatch and duck down as Molly starts to shot at me, I shot back at her until both of our guns run out. Molly runs at me and I throw my gun at her, I quickly get out of the hatch and kick her down. I grab the flag and run out onto the balcony, "Yeah!" I shout out as I wave it victoriously. My team cheers down below, Tris joins me and together we both raise the flag in the air. 






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