Society is divided into five factions. As each person enters adulthood, he or she must choose a faction and commit to it for life. However, Evelyn initiation leads to the discovery that she is a Divergent and will never be able to fit into just one faction. Warned that she must conceal her status, Evelyn uncovers a looming war which threatens everyone she loves.


10. Chapter 10


Tris, Christina, Will and Al all run and catch up to me. "He's an idiot" Chris says to us as she refers to Peter, "It's okay" Tris tells them. We walk down the corridor to see Jeanine Matthews talking with Max and a couple of Erudite council members, "What's she doing here?" Will questions. Jeanine stops in front of Tris and myself, "Prior. You're Andrew Prior's daughters, aren't you? Evelyn and Beatrice" Jeanine says, "It's just Evie and Tris now" I correct her, "I like it" she says. I watch her as her eyes roam over mine and Tris's tattoos, "You both made an impressive choice, girls, despite your parents and your test results" Jeanine tells us. "You've seen my test result?" Tris and I both ask at the same time, "Of course. I'm glad you girls were smart enough to know your own mind. Let me know if you ever need anything" she informs us and walk off. We watch her and the other council members go into a room, "Well, that was weird" Christina comments, "Yeah" I agree. "What do you think is going on?" Al asks, "I bey they're hunting Divergents. That's all they talk about at Erudite" Will says and I stiffen up at the word 'Divergent' "Wait, Divergents are real?" Al questions, "Come on, Al" Chris says.

I walk into the Pit to see that my name has moved up on the board, it's now at 16. I look to see Tris's name at 22 and still in the red. "First fight: Molly versus Evie" Eric shouts out, I walk over to the ring to see Molly already on the mat. As I walk past my friends they all give me encouraging smiles, I smile back at them. Four grabs my arm and pulls me towards him, "Be careful. She attacks first, get her to the ground and you can win this" Four informs me, I nod my head at him before hoping onto the mat. "Begin!" Eric shouts out, we both get into our positions and circle around each other. I watch her every movement. She swings first and I duck under her arm, I come up and land a blow to her ribs, I could hear a few cracked. She holds her ribs and I smirked at her, pay back for Tris. We circle again, when she comes charging at me, I step to the side and kick her in the stomach, I move around her and jump onto her back. I wrap my arms around her neck and pull backwards, she falls down and rolls over the top of me so I'm sitting on her stomach. I punch her twice in the face before she manages to wiggle a leg free and kick me off her, I roll to my feet and take deep breaths. "Come on, Evie" I hear Tris call out, I swing my right arm out and she blocks it. She goes for a throat punch but I grab her arm and twist it, she whimpers in pain, I kick her knee out and she falls down. I finish her off with a punch to the jaw and she gets knocked out. Two Dauntless born help carry her off, I walk over to my friends and they all give me pats on the back, I look up to see Four smiling at me. I couldn't help but feel happy that he's proud of me, I smile back at him before receiving a hug from Tris. "Second fight: Peter versus Tris" Eric shouts out, "You can do this. Just watch him, first shot right to the throat" I inform Tris and she nods her head. Tris steps onto the mat where Peter was already waiting, "Alright there, Stiff? Are you about to cry? I'll take it easy on you if you cry" Peter tells her, "Come on, Tis" Christina and I both say. Peter jabs at her but she dodges it, Tris punches him in the throat and I smile at it. "Did you tell her to do that?" Four asks me as he comes to my side, "No" I say through a smile, "Liar" he mumbles. I watch as Peter punches her twice in the face but she manages to keep standing, I bite my lip as I start to get nervous. Peter swings at her but she blocks his arm and knees him twice in the stomach, Peter quickly recovers and punches her in the ribs before picking her up and tossing her across the mat. Four read my mind and grab my waist as I go to help her, "You can't help her. She has to do this by herself" he whispers to me. I try to get out of his hold but he doesn't let go, "Come on. Stop playing with each other" Eric says from the side. Tris gets up but Peter knocks her down again, she looks at me and Four as blood starts to drip from her nose. Peter kicks her in the face and Tris gets knocked out, I sigh in relief as the fight it over but Peter doesn't stop. He punches, and kicks a unconscious Tris, I get out of Four's grip and tackle Peter away from her. "The fights over. You won" I tell him and turn my back, I hear him run at me and I turn around and punch him in the face. I watch as Peter falls to the ground, "You lose points for interrupting a fight" Eric tells me, "It was over. Tris was down" I argue. "So what? Did I say it was?" Eric questions, "You!..."I shout and go to hit him but Four grabs my arm and twirls me into his chest. "Easy, Evie" he whispers, I could feel his breath going down my neck and it started to calm me down. "Evie, your out. Your out for trying to hit your leader" Eric says with a smirk on his face, I get out of Four's embrace and glare at Eric before going after Tris, who was being carried by Al and Will. 



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