Dear Diary

A diary I'm writing for the movellas diary comp. I thought now might be a good time to do it cause my life is basically a drama that you watch on TV right now. Everyone is messed up.


1. Tuesday 18th August 2015

Dear Diary

Its nice to make your acquaintance, I'm going to try and tell you as much as possible about life and I'll remember to write in you every day (Unless I'm super busy!)


Today was like an OK day. Well it was until I got home, lets just say school was as it is every day except that yesterday one of my friends messaged me and said that some of the people in my group that I've sat with this whole year think I'm annoying and I don't know why.


Anyway back to today, I didn't really know what to do cause I didn't want to bring up the message and I didn't want to annoy them so I just sat near them and talked to my friend who is practically my shadow, in fact its like his nickname its what I call him and he actually responds to it, He follows me everywhere. NO. We are not dating. I repeat diary we are

NOT dating.  Yeah so we didn't really do much. I fell asleep in science though because we were watching this really boring documentary about the beginning of the earth which I don't even care about but I've fallen asleep heaps in that class and I still managed to get in and stay in the advanced class. (And this is going out to all the teachers that failed me in science past years. You know who you are and you were wrong. I am good at science.) So yeah and then there was just English and S.E. (I finished all my work and the extra work the teacher created for me... I should really complain about them not putting me in the advanced class. How could they say I can't handle it?! At this rate I'll be getting A's!)


I had to Walk home. The walk is soooo tiring even though its only like 10 minutes. When I got home my shadow was already there and we went inside and played Scotland yard (Shadow and I had to be detectives...we lost. The criminal got away, my sister has never been able to win as the criminal I'm a natural and I just won my first time.) Then my sister made him leave cause she had to do her homework so I did my homework and my bible studies when the pastor came then I went on my computer in my room. I was really bored so I decided to check facebook and my friend messaged me, All of my other friends had all agreed that they didn't really like me and they didn't think I had anything in common with them so they said I couldn't sit with them anymore. At least I found out who my true friends were right? And the answer: None of them. But there is April, we've been BFF's since we both got bullied by the same person in 4th grade and we're in 8th grade now. I have to admit I spent the last two hours crying.


To be honest I'm pretty sure I have depression and Anxiety. I'm not gonna tell anyone who knows my real identity tho, cause if they know my parents they'll tell them, besides I'm not 100% sure.


That should sum up today diary. Sleep well on my shelf!

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