infernal devices poem

If you like the infernal devices trilogy then please don't get mad at me if I don't do Will, Tessa and Jem justice. I am only 14 so please keep that in mind when reading but I hope you enjoy this.


1. will and jem

One was all lightness

One was all darkness

One was kind and gentle

The other was away's  pushing people away


One all silver and light

One was all dark and piercing blue eyes

One was serious

The other sarcastic


Both shared a connection like no other

Both best friends since they were fourteen

Both complete opposites, yet completely the same

Both in love with the same girl, an immortal girl


One was young and already dying

One was away's risking his life because he didn't think it was worth anything

Both were ready to die

Before they had even lived


One married the girl

One became a silent brother

One died

While the other lived without really living at all





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