Behind The Mask

Two bodies. Three people. One relationship.

One of them is hiding behind a mask, holding on to a secret for dear life. Until one day, when it is discovered. Will it ruin them or will it strengthen them?

Cover done by Lexi Wordsmith


1. Prologue

Two years ago


Phoenix glanced at her phone and swore. She was late for English and really didn't want a detention. She rushed through the empty halls, almost running into the classroom door. She tried to enter quietly but the door creaked as she nudged it open.

"How nice of you to join us, Miss Star," said the elderly woman stood at the front of the class. Phoenix tried to apologise but Mrs Thomas waved her hand dismissively. "Take a seat next to Jason, please. As I was saying, before being rudely interrupted, you will be working in pairs to write a short story about vampires. Today I will show you an extract from Bram Stoker's Dracula."

Phoenix shuffled between the desks as Mrs Thomas talked and dropped into the seat next to Jason. She glanced at him, trying not to grin like a madman. She had had a crush on him for over a year but never told anyone. She brushed her fiery hair to one side and pulled out a notepad and pen. A piece of paper fluttered down next to her hand, a hurried note written upon it. A number and some words.

 ​Call me so we can work on this.

Phoenix smiled and nodded subtly. Her inner girl was screaming with delight as she read the digits; she had got his number without asking. 

As Mrs Thomas talked, she began to day dream until she was elbowed back to consciousness. Phoenix glanced around to see of anyone had noticed and saw Jason watching her. He slid a piece of paper across to her.

Are you okay? You don't look so good

Bad night. Girlfriend broke up with me, didn't sleep well and my bus was late this morning. She scribbled back.

​You're a lesbian? Came the answer.

 No, bisexual.

That's cool. I still have a chance then. ​Phoenix blushed the same colour as her hair.

What do you mean?

I er, like you.

​Phoenix stared at the paper before her like it was an impossible quiz while her inner girl screamed and danced around, yelling at Phoenix to say something. Phoenix took her time to reply, waiting until the last minute of class before scrawling I like you too and running out of the room as the bell shrieked.

The rest of the day passed in a blur as she thought about what she had written. She saw Jason in the corridors but always ducked out of sight, embarrassed. Finally, the last bell of the day rang through the school, students spilt out into the corridors, chatting and shouting, heading for home. Phoenix rushed through the crowds, heading for the doors when a hand grabbed her arm and pulled her into a classroom. She found herself staring into the crystal blue eyes of Jason as he stepped closer, placing his hands on her hips before brushing her lips with his in a whisper of a kiss.

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