Behind The Mask

Two bodies. Three people. One relationship.

One of them is hiding behind a mask, holding on to a secret for dear life. Until one day, when it is discovered. Will it ruin them or will it strengthen them?

Cover done by Lexi Wordsmith


4. 3.

Phoenix's POV



Phoenix was lost in her thoughts as she and Jason walked home. He had been so distant and he had lied to her, but she pretended not to notice. Phoenix tuned out the noise of the public as she worried about why he was lying; had he had enough of her? Was he going to break up with her? Worry ate at her; twisting her stomach in knots, making her feel sick, making her heart start to break at the thought of losing Jason.


Before Phoenix knew it, they were at her house. She shook away the thoughts, the worries, the doubt; she didn't need that today. Jason opened the door and gestured that she go in before him, like always. Phoenix walked into the kitchen to find a pile of presents on the side. She bounded across the kitchen to pick them up when she was stopped by a voice.

"Aren't you even going to say hello?"

Phoenix turned to see her parents sat at the dining table.

"Hello, Mum, Dad. Can I open my presents now?" Phoenix grinned at her parents as they rolled their eyes and nodded.

She picked up the biggest present and almost dropped it because it was so heavy. She ripped off the pink and purple wrapping paper, eager to know what was so heavy. Under the paper was a brown box and inside that box was a clear vanity case full of nail polishes. A huge smile broke across her face; she had been asking for new make up and polish for a couple of moths but had always been told "you're birthday is coming up soon, you might get some then." 

Phoenix looked at the shapes and sizes of the other presents and instantly knew what they would be; the make up. She ripped into all the presents and squealed with delight as she looked at all the make up before her; Rimmel, Max Factor, MAC and many more.

"Thank you, Mum, Dad!" She exclaimed as she ran to hug her parents.

"Well, you asked enough times!" Remarked her father, smiling.

"You've forgotten one, Nix." Jason motioned to a solitary, small present wrapped in turquoise tissue paper, topped with a silver bow.

Phoenix walked over, curious as she thought she had opened them all, until she realised this must be Jason's present. She pulled off the tissue paper to reveal a Tiffanys box. Phoenix looked at Jason, shocked. He smiled at her, encouraging her to open it. With shaky fingers, she wiggled the lid off and stared at the beauty inside. A silver chain with interlocking hearts glistened in the afternoon sun. It was the same necklace she had seen in the window just the other day but had decided against after seeing the eyewateringly high price.  


Phoenix stood there holding the box, not moving, just staring, in absolute shock.

"Babe?" Jason placed a hand on her shoulder, shaking her slightly.

"It's beautiful, Jason!" Phoenix threw her arms round him, all doubt and worry forgotten.

"A bit too tight, babe," choked Jason. Phoenix laughed as she loosened her grip.

"You should get that lot upstairs so I can cook dinner," said her dad as her stood from the table.

Jason picked up the vanity case and balanced a few items on top before slowly walking out of the kitchen and up the stairs.

"Thank you again," Phoenix said over her shoulder as she collected the remaining make up and the necklace.

"Glad you liked them," replied her mum as she kissed the top of her head. "Now, out the kitchen, birthday girl."


Phoenix bounded out of the kitchen, her face aching from smiling. She pushed open her bedroom door to see Jason putting  the make up away. She watched him for a minute and noticed he was putting it in the right place as if he had been watching her.

"I know you're there, Nix, you're not that quiet," Jason said, without turning round.

"I know, I'm just admiring you."

Phoenix stepped into the room and put away the make up. Jason picked up the necklace and waited until she was finished before moving her hair and securing the delicate chain round her slim neck. 

"Beautiful, just like you." Jason pressed his lips softly against her neck. Phoenix turned to face him, a glint her eye and kissed him hard, tangling her fingers in his hair. He pulled her close and ran his hands down her body as he nudged her lips with his tongue.

"Phoenix! Jason! Dinner!" Phoenix's mum yelled from downstairs, interrupting the two.

They broke apart; Phoenix blushed and Jason rearranged himself before they shuffled out the door and downstairs.

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