Behind The Mask

Two bodies. Three people. One relationship.

One of them is hiding behind a mask, holding on to a secret for dear life. Until one day, when it is discovered. Will it ruin them or will it strengthen them?

Cover done by Lexi Wordsmith


2. 1.

Phoenix's POV


Dawn was just breaking on the horizon as Phoenix stirred. She sat up and looked out of her window, enjoying the sun rise. After a few minutes, Phoenix carefully got up, trying not to disturb her boyfriend, who was still asleep. She shivered as the May air swirled around her, having entered through an open window. After rummaging through her wardrobe, Phoenix got dressed and sat at her dressing table to brush the mess of fire atop her head. As she brushed, she looked in the mirror at the sleeping body in her bed and thought back to that fateful English lesson.


A knock on the door broke through her thoughts and she walked over to the door, carefully slipping out and closed it behind her.

"Is everything okay?" She half-whispered at her mum in the semi-darkness.

"Yes, I heard movement and wanted to make sure everything was okay. It's not even six in the morning," her mother whispered back, pulling her faded purple dressing gown closer.

"I couldn't sleep, that's all." Phoenix smiled at her mum.

"Alright. Is he still asleep?" Her mum nodded at her door.

"Yes and we haven't done anything, before you ask," Phoenix answered the unsaid question she knew was on her mum's mind. Her mum would ask two or three times a month but it was the deal; he could stay over night so long as we didn't do anything until we were both of legal age. We both agreed and he's been here for almost a year.

"Good. Get him up and both of you come downstairs. Happy birthday Nixi." Phoenix nodded and smiled before going back into her room.

"Jason!" Phoenix said loudly in his face. "I know you're awake, dumb arse. Mum said get up and get downstairs."

"But it isn't even six, five more minutes," Jason mumbled sleepily as Phoenix leant down and ruffled his curly hair.

"You know what she's like; she wants us downstairs and she won't wait for long," Phoenix said over her shoulder as she picked out the days make up.

"Fine. I'm getting up." Jason swung his legs over the side of the bed while rubbing his face. He stood up and went to stand behind Phoenix, hugging her.

"Happy birthday babe. Can't believe you're sixteen now," Jason said, quietly in her ear as he looked at her in the mirror.

"Thank you, baby. I can't either. Now get dressed before Mum starts yelling," replied Phoenix as she finished applying a thin layer of nude lip gloss.


Five minutes later, the two of them walked into the kitchen to see a pink frosted cake with sixteen candles flickering on the top of it. Phoenix's parents stood behind the cake, her dad's arm round her mum's waist, both wearing huge smiles.

"Well, are you go to blow out the candles or wait for them to melt onto the cake?" Asked her dad, jovially.

Everyone laughed as Phoenix took a deep breath and blew all of them out in one go.

"Are we doing presents now or after school?" Asked Phoenix excitedly.

"After school. You still need to eat breakfast," replied her dad as he served up a fry-up like he did every year.

"Okay. I suppose I can wait." Phoenix pretended to pout while Jason laughed. 


After breakfast, Phoenix and Jason got ready for school.

"I wish I didn't have to go to school today. I have a Spanish oral today. On my birthday of all days," complained Phoenix as they walked to the bus stop.

"Excuse me? You're giving oral?" Jason joked. "Isn't it an important part of your coursework?

"It's the main part of my GCSE. That's exactly why I'm going to school. I can't fail this. Not if I want to be a translator," replied Phoenix, ignoring his sexual pun.


As they reached the bus stop there was a sudden chorus of 'Happy Birthday' in a mix of English and Spanish. Phoenix laughed as she and Jason shouted 'hello's and 'hola's. While they waited for the bus, Phoenix started a conversation with her best friend, Raven, a black haired, pale girl who was in her Spanish class. Jason watched, proud of how fluently they spoke in Spanish, he knew she would get the highest score in the class. Phoenix saw him watching and smiled. Finally, the bus arrived and everyone piled on, still speaking in two languages. Very quickly, the bus became a cacophony of noise and laughter.


As they arrived at the school, they were greeted by a crowd of people who Phoenix recognised as her Spanish class. As she walked over, they noticed her and held up a huge sign saying '¡FELIZ CUMPLEAÑOS!' Phoenix laughed and thanked them as they walked into the building.


The day flew by and all too soon she found herself sitting on the floor outside her Spanish class next to Raven, waiting to be called.

"¿Qué tal?" Raven asked Phoenix, quietly.

"I'm just nervous, Rav. I know I can speak Spanish but under pressure? I don't know," Phoenix muttered in English.

"Okay. Tell me six things you would find in a clothes shop. You've got thirty seconds," said Raven.

"Vale. Um. Zapatos, chaqueta, jersey, pantalones, vestido y camiseta." Phoenix smiled at Raven, grateful that her friend was helping.

"Phoenix Star. Entra por favour," came a voice from the door way.

"¡Buena suerte, Nix!" Raven called after her as Phoenix walked shakily into the classroom.

Phoenix took the seat in front of Señor Guitierrez, her hands shaking, her throat dry. She saw her teachers mouth move and without even thinking or hearing, she answered. Before she knew it, the exam was over and Señor Guitierrez was smiling, telling her she had scored 104 out of 105, the highest score in the schools history.


Phoenix left the room dazed and walked into someone. She looked up to see Jason waiting for her.

"Well, how did you do, babe?" Jason asked as he puller her into a tight hug.

"I got the highest score in school history!" Phoenix exclaimed as she grinned at Raven. Raven shouted her congratulations as did the rest of the class waiting to take the exam.

"Come on, let's skip the rest of school to celebrate your score," Jason suggested.

Phoenix nodded and together they walked out.

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