Your Gift

So many things I have for you
My heart, soul, and body
Are just a few
Flowers, candy, maybe a ring

Your heart you gave me
My spirit I gave to you
Told you all my secrets
Then God reached down

He gave me you
With passion and desire
I have you for life
As I give you my promise

To have and to hold
My heart belongs to you
A love so deep
My gift to you

Your gift I give with pleasure
My gift of love
I shower you with sunshine
My all I give to you


2. The Shade Of Time

Sometimes when I am lonely

I find a tree with a soft shade

Where my thoughts I can find

There are flowers blooming


In the shade of time

My heart is full

My lover over flows

Where the grass is green


The fragrance is so sweet

I just sit and smile

The shade of time

I can be me now


The shade of time

Is where I dream

And feel you beside me

As you hold me tight




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