Your Gift

So many things I have for you
My heart, soul, and body
Are just a few
Flowers, candy, maybe a ring

Your heart you gave me
My spirit I gave to you
Told you all my secrets
Then God reached down

He gave me you
With passion and desire
I have you for life
As I give you my promise

To have and to hold
My heart belongs to you
A love so deep
My gift to you

Your gift I give with pleasure
My gift of love
I shower you with sunshine
My all I give to you


1. Seasons

Seasons may come

And then go

Seasons change

And we do to


Seasons brings tears

Sometimes pain

Seasons come and go

Jesus stays


Seasons bring hot

And they bring cold

Seasons bring rain

And rainbows


Flowers bloom

Trees sway in the breeze

Sunshine is bright

Seasons change


Seasons bring war

And peace to

No matter where you are

There is a season


Seasons of love

Seasons of hate

Seasons of passion

God is the season


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