Mistakes and heartbreaks


2. is that.......no.....no it can't be.

In about an hour I'm scheduled to arrive in Florida to sign into the hotel at the "VIDCON" venue. I am still baffled I can't believe that this is actually happening .

The week went by pretty quickly and excitement built up inside of me brick by brick.

I spent most of the week worrying about what I would say to Phil and what I would wear to the meet up . I really didn't what to mess this up , I'm quite a clutz and I tend to do that quite a lot ,but this opportunity means ALOT to me .

That Sunday I decided to head to the mall. I had come to the conclusion that out of the hundreds of outfits that I had brought with me here to Florida, none of them were good enough to wear to meet Phil .

Afters hours of searching forever 21 , urban outfitters, topshop, American eagle and a whole load of other thrift stores I finally found the perfect dress. It was a peachy coloured ruffle Dress with a collar and lace , I also picked up these really cute flats that were also a peachy colour with white parts and gold stud embellishments on them , I guess they kinda look like a more modern version of what girls used to wear to school in the like 60s or something . This outfit is Gorgeous and I just hope that Phil likes it as much as I do.

I was in line at Starbucks waiting to grab a mango-yogurt mixer before heading back to the hotel to settle down for the night, oh and let's not forget that grilled cheese sandwich I ordered on room service. Oh how I could get used to this.

It was about 9:30pm when I started to crave another mango-yogurt mixer, Starbucks was only down the block an so I couldn't resist the urge, they really are my favourite drink.

I was next in line at Starbucks and I was starting to get impatient but then I realised who was sat over in the corner "PHILIP LESTER" just one of YouTube's biggest sensations , and by far one of my favourites.he was with, I'm not quite sure who but I'm pretty sure it wasn't another youtuber , it was probably just someone else that he knew. I just stood there in complete shock . Vidcon wasn't for another three days but I knew that that was around the time the creators tend to arrive . I mean they don't have to set anything up at vidcon, it's all done for them , unless they have a stand or something but they tend to like to have a few days before hand to get here and chill out before all the long 7 days of greeting new people and endlessly using there voices until they are reduced to a squeal , a croak if they're lucky .

I just couldn't believe it, HOW has he not been noticed , someone must have recognised him , I mean how could they not. Maybe it's just me , I don't know.

I was completely silent the whole walk back to the hotel ,the elevator ride , I still hadn't been able to mumble a word after even like three hour of being back in my room.

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