Mistakes and heartbreaks


1. 12 days left to go ! 📅

Vidcon is approaching and I'm getting sooo nervous about meeting Phil, it's just going to be amazing, I can't wait. I've loved Phil forever and this , me meeting him , it's been a long shot but I can't believe it's finally going to happen.

I had been saving for my premium ticket for a really long time and when I finally had all the money up and together and was ready to buy it I was overwhelmed. It felt amazing ,it was such an amazing achievement for me . I now have the chance to tell Phil just how much he has helped me to deal with . In my life so far I have encountered sooo many rough patches and when I look back ,Phil, even though he has never known me personally he has always been there .....behind the computer screen.

So there's 12 days till vidcon, and I'm leaving tomorrow so that I can book into the hotel adventure around and be ready for this event that little did I know would change my life possibly forever.

12 days , till I meet Phil

12 days , till I meet him

12 days , till this most important day .

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