Mystery Girls (DISCONTINUED)

A mystery unfolds beyond your eyes as you follow Bella, Dani and Winnie on their stories of things you never imagined...


5. Story Two




"Class, please meet your new classmate Seraphine!" Mistress Bagg announced cheerily. Behind Mistress Bagg stepped out a teenaged girl, and Dani, seated right in the front, inhaled sharply.The newcomer had deathly white skin, and very red lips, which was a startling contrast to her face. Her eyes had hoods around them, making Seraphine look like she was lacking sleep. Seraphine smiled, and it was not pleasant. Her eyes roved over the students, resting especially at the neck. She licked her lips, grinning her terrible way.      

"Seraphine, sit next to Dani." Seraphine walked over and pulled out a chair to sit on. "You looked like you were planning to eat us in the front!" Gigi, seated behind Dani, joked. Seraphine did not smile. 'I was, but in a different way." Came the cool reply from the red lips. Dani shuddered, feeling strangely cold. Dani reached out to take her pencil that had rolled over to Seraphine's table, but Seraphine picked it up and pressed it into Dani's hand. Seraphine's hands were shockingly cold, as if she had plunged them into icy cold water before.

"Your hand... its so warm...." Seraphine whispered, examining it. Feeling decidedly uncomfortable, Dani withdrew her hands. Seraphine smiled her horrible smile again, before turning to the front. Dani shivered.  


Something wasn't right with Seraphine.

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