Mystery Girls (DISCONTINUED)

A mystery unfolds beyond your eyes as you follow Bella, Dani and Winnie on their stories of things you never imagined...


1. Story One


A figure stroked the smooth,glossy side of her white sailing boat. The waves gently rocked her side the side,and she savoured the smell of the salty ocean.Suddenly, the waves turned choppier and harsher. The female screamed,but no sound emerged from her agape mouth.

A huge wave ducked her under,tossing the boat.Thunder crackled,and the boat crashed onto a rock. The waves whipped up the debris and dragged the woman under, to the depths of the ocean. Strangely enough,once the woman vanished,the Triangle's waves stilled.


Belle set her motorboat West.Her family had been living on an island just off the Bermuda Triangle for decades, and naturally she had developed a love for boating. "Belle! Don't go too far to the Triangle! Watch the boundaries!" Belle's granny yelled from her cottage at the top of the cliff overhang.

Belle pretended not to hear her. Belle was planning to go closer than ever to the Triangle, mostly because of the corals.Her granny was paranoid due to the latest family incident that involved her Granddad.He had gone fishing beyond the boundaries and had never returned.

Belle wasn't going to stay so afraid like her granny. She was adventurous, and this teeny-weeny expedition would not cost her anything.


Belle steered her motorboat to a halt and admired the corals under the clear waves, just barely inches from her boat. She whipped out her sketchbook and began to draw. The Triangle did possess the alluring charm of marine life, Belle wondered if her Granddad had been lured into never going home.

Slowly, with every outline of the corals Belle sketched, the skies darkened. The waves turned from crashing gently on shores to rising high in the open sea. The waves churned up sand and dust, blurring the image of perfection under the once calm waters. Belle anxiously packed her sketchbook tightly in the waterproof tank and attempted to start up the boat's motor.

The boat shuddered, and the motor began to smoke. Reddish-orange flames rose into the air, and Belle stumbled back. Belle understood that she now had two choices, either to jump into the sea and drown, or stay on the boat and eventually sink. Belle's palms began to sweat as she realised something.



Both choices meant death.

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