Mystery Girls (DISCONTINUED)

A mystery unfolds beyond your eyes as you follow Bella, Dani and Winnie on their stories of things you never imagined...


4. Part 4

Belle walked slowly towards the spot where the motion had been detected. She pushed aside the heavy silk curtains and stepped behind the curtains, her forehead creased. "Grandpa!" Belle gave a cry of shock, she had not expected him the be back, after so many months. Grandpa's faces crinkled into a happy smile, but it soon faded away. "Belle, you should have listened to your Grandma, the Triangle is not a place for anybody to be in. Defiant girl, see what you've got yourself in?" Grandpa reprimanded.

"Grandpa?" Belle asked, confused. Grandpa met her gaze steadily. His next words seemed as painful to him as to her. "Belle, you are dead." Belle laughed. She laughed and laughed, throwing back her head to smile. It was impossible, it was just a dream, a dream she would wake up to laugh about.

She wiped her eyes, but Grandpa didn't tell her it was a joke. "Really?" Belle timidly asked, fearful of the answer. Grandpa nodded."Belle, you have to come with me.The Earth is no place for you and me." Grandpa swept his arms open, and an arch with sunlight streaming through it appeared. It promised peace and quiet, and Belle was tempted. She took her Grandpa's hand and stepped through the arch.


At that moment, she knew that she could never return to Earth again. 


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