Mystery Girls (DISCONTINUED)

A mystery unfolds beyond your eyes as you follow Bella, Dani and Winnie on their stories of things you never imagined...


3. Part 3

Belle felt waves lapping at her toes, and forced her eyes open. She was lying on the beach on her family's island, the sun was blistering hot. Had she survived the storm? Belle staggered to her feet and scanned the area for any sign of people or her boat. No debris or people around.

Belle headed up the cliff to her Grandmother's cottage. She had a feeling that she would have a ton to explain. She clambered up till she reached to overhang, opened the quaint cottage's door and walked in. She found the entire family gathered in the hall, with policemen.

She entered the hall, expecting shouts or angry voices directed at her. Surprisingly nothing happened, just the adults wiping their eyes and murmuring in soft voices. "Mum!" Belle rushed at her mother, arm widespread, ready to apologise for her actions. Her arms went right through her mother's waist.

Belle suppressed a cry of shock. She waved a hand before her mother's face, but she had no response. Belle ran right at her brother, but her entire body passed through him. Belle gasped. "I must be dreaming..." Belle muttered, trying to attract attention.She still had no response from any family member, and Belle began to feel that something was seriously wrong.

Her eyes roamed the hall, and a slight flick of motion attracted her attention.

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