Mystery Girls (DISCONTINUED)

A mystery unfolds beyond your eyes as you follow Bella, Dani and Winnie on their stories of things you never imagined...


2. Part 2

Belle staggered to the boat's safety jacket's compartment, gripping the edges as the boat swayed from underneath her. She ripped open the box and set it on the chair in the boat. She pulled at the string, aware that the motor behind her was burning badly, the flames licking their way to a seat that was never reserved for them.

The boat gave an almighty lurch, and Belle shrieked as the last safety jacket was whipped overboard. The wind picked up speed, wailing like a banshee. "HELP!" Belle screamed, but even the crashing of the waves blocked out her noise. Belle sensed something behind her and she turned around. She barely had enough time to scream, then the giant wave devoured her.

Belle struggled to breathe, but only large amounts of salty water entered her nose.She tried to swim to the surface, knowing that there were other dangers like sharks or carnivorous fish lurking in the depths of the ocean. As her head was about to break the water's surface, Belle felt an invisible force pushing her deeper in.

 As Belle sank to the bottom of the of the ocean, the edges of her vision blurred, and she knew no more.

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