The New Tynesiders - Little Town - Book 2

"The New Tynesiders" follows the story of Akan Badoe; a Ghanaian immigrant who comes to settle in the North East along with many other ethnic groups. His struggle for acceptance in a racially bigoted Britain are documented. The story also follows young Jimmy Connors Hepple the boy from the "Little Town" story who is adopted by an eminent surgeon and his wife after a tragic accident where both his parents are killed in a gas explosion.
Jimmy meets Sydney a young black boy and they become friends. Jimmy the adventurer wants to work in the Arctic like his hero Sir Robert Falcon Scott. Sydney a doctor. The story takes you on a journey through the boys childhood into adulthood where colour, creed,or religion have no boundaries. The New Tynesiders will take you back from 1948- 1966.


78. 78

Martyn Devlin sent up a weather balloon which when used at high altitude would carry instruments to record wind speed, atmospheric pressure, humidity, using a device called a radiosonde. Once up in the air the balloon was able to send the information back to him. Jeff Sharp was collecting Krill a small red coloured shrimp that whales feed upon. They are very high in protein. Jimmy asked Jeff to bring back a few pounds of them so he could cook them up for a meal. He in the meantime was preparing the hare that he’d caught for their dinner. With temperatures at even thirty degrees they needed to keep up their fat reserves in order to stay alive. Like all animals humans have a layer of fat around the body to isolate them from the cold climate. If the fat layer is used up which it is at an alarming rate here; then the body begins to burn energy from the muscles and they waste away leaving you unable to do anything until you eventually die. It was up to Jimmy to provide enough protein and carbohydrates so that they could all function normally.

Today Jimmy was making a stew with dried vegetables and beans.

They all needed to consume at least six to eight thousand calories per day just to survive; mind you Jeff sharp was eating twice that amount in protein. All the carbohydrates had to be measured so that their six months supply did not run out. You cannot live on protein alone.

Once he had prepared everything he packed some hot coffee into a thermos and some oat fruit bars and a bar of chocolate each. Then he set off on the ski sledge to where Jeff and Martyn were working. The sun was out today so Jimmy was wearing his sun glasses and he’d put some sun cream on his face to stop sunburn.

When he got to them he was welcomed by Jeff who asked what was there to eat.

“We have chocolate and oaty bars matey.”

“Did you bring some coffee?

“I did said Jimmy as he removed his gloves and poured them a mug of it you had to drink it pretty quickly as it would go cold with in a few minutes even freeze it left long enough.

Jimmy left Jeff Chomping on his Chocolate because he spotted a humpbacked whale breaching about two hundred yards away. It had a young calf with her and they were feeding on the krill.

Jimmy took out his camera and began taking shots of the two magnificent animals.

He watched them for a good fifteen minutes until something else caught his eye to the left of him. Two large fins were heading towards the mother and calf.

The mother instinctively tried to steer her calf away from the predators the black and white of the Orca could now be seen as the two killer whales tried to separate the calf from its mother so they could kill it. The mother tried desperately to protect the young calf who Jimmy guessed at only a few months old. The killer whales dived on top of the calf in an effort to drown the calf the mother thrashed her tail and tried to use her weight to injure the orcas but the killer whales were relentless in their pursuit they harried and chased the calf until it was exhausted then set about it biting huge chunks from it’s body as the mother tried in vain to stop them. 

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