The New Tynesiders - Little Town - Book 2

"The New Tynesiders" follows the story of Akan Badoe; a Ghanaian immigrant who comes to settle in the North East along with many other ethnic groups. His struggle for acceptance in a racially bigoted Britain are documented. The story also follows young Jimmy Connors Hepple the boy from the "Little Town" story who is adopted by an eminent surgeon and his wife after a tragic accident where both his parents are killed in a gas explosion.
Jimmy meets Sydney a young black boy and they become friends. Jimmy the adventurer wants to work in the Arctic like his hero Sir Robert Falcon Scott. Sydney a doctor. The story takes you on a journey through the boys childhood into adulthood where colour, creed,or religion have no boundaries. The New Tynesiders will take you back from 1948- 1966.


70. 70

. Pat meanwhile filled a bowl with rice pudding for Michael; she gave him the creamy skin off the top that he loved.

“Would you like some strawberry jam in your rice pudding Michael?

“No thanks I like it just like this thanks.

“Mmmm; this is delicious he said as he spooned the rice into his mouth.

“Take your time Michael; you would think that you never got fed.”

“I have got to have some more of this sorry Pat but I love your rice pudding on Sunday.” Pat got up and took his bowl then refilled it again.

“Is there anything on television tonight?

Well there’s a choice between on BBC we have “Steptoe and son then Z cars. On ITV there is a new programme called “World in Action” then The Saint with Roger Moore and then The Fugative.

“I think we will watch World in Action.

They quickly washed the dishes then they both sat together on the sofa and turned on the television as World in Action was just starting; it was a report from Malaya. They were having a major crisis there with an earth quake many people had been killed; the cameras panned to the hospital and there was Sydney giving an interview. He described the situation there. Medical supplies were urgently needed.


Pat and Michael phoned Alicia to tell her that her son was on Television she quickly turned it on and watched. We will phone you back after the programme has finished.

The camera crew showed the destruction caused by the earth quake there were bodies lying all around people trapped under rouble. Sydney called for the World to help by sending doctors and nurses, food, clean water, clothing, and blankets.

I am going to ring my boss now Pat; I have to go and help; “I will come with you.”

After speaking with his boss who had also watched the programme who said he was organising emergency supplies of medicines, vaccines, bandages, and surgical supplies to be sent out as soon as possible.

He told his boss he would be packing and on the first available fight out to Malaya.

Don’t worry about the Air fare or expenses Michael; just bill North Tyneside Hospital.

“Good luck.”

Michael and his wife ran upstairs and packed a suitcase with what they would need then rang the airport to tell them that he was a surgeon and his wife a doctor and that there was an emergency in Malaya and they were needed urgently. British Airways said they would charter a flight for him free of charge if he could get to the airport in an hour. He thanked the airport manager; then he and his wife rang Alicia and told her to pack a bag and her passport he would pick her up in fifteen minutes.

Pat packed some drinks in a bag that they could take on the plane. They took Pat’s car and were on the road towards Alicia’s house.

Alicia was waiting at the gate when they arrived. Michael stowed her case in the car and asked if she had her passport. 

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