The New Tynesiders - Little Town - Book 2

"The New Tynesiders" follows the story of Akan Badoe; a Ghanaian immigrant who comes to settle in the North East along with many other ethnic groups. His struggle for acceptance in a racially bigoted Britain are documented. The story also follows young Jimmy Connors Hepple the boy from the "Little Town" story who is adopted by an eminent surgeon and his wife after a tragic accident where both his parents are killed in a gas explosion.
Jimmy meets Sydney a young black boy and they become friends. Jimmy the adventurer wants to work in the Arctic like his hero Sir Robert Falcon Scott. Sydney a doctor. The story takes you on a journey through the boys childhood into adulthood where colour, creed,or religion have no boundaries. The New Tynesiders will take you back from 1948- 1966.


57. 57

The Saturday evening arrived and Eliza was so excited she told her mother that she had been invited by her mentor Patricia Connors for dinner tonight.

“That sounds promising daughter said her mother; maybe you will be offered a post at the hospital?

“Who knows mother.

“You must make a good impression so no slacks or jeans please.”

“Alright mother I shall wear a dress tonight. Her father looked up from his papers and told her to take a bottle of wine from the cabinet.

“Thank you daddy.”

“Eliza went into her room and closed the door. She opened the wardrobe and took out a new dress from the plastic cover it was a black and white dress in the sixties style; something neither her mother nor father liked because of the length; but she was her own woman now and she wore what she liked.

She applied a little make up and then put on a gold necklace that he mother had given her and gold earrings to match. She put on a pair of black stilettos which emphasised her long legs.

Then Eliza Picked up the phone and dialled; Central Taxi have and asked for one to come straight away.

Then she told her mother not to wait up as she closed the door then got into the taxi and told him the address in Bellevue Gosforth.


“We have a guest for dinner tonight Jimmy so would make the effort and have a shave and put on a clean shirt at least.

What’s wrong with this one mother; I just put it on this morning.”

“No; please go up and change,

“What’s for dinner then mother?

“Well I have made a salad with salmon, eggs, and then I have done marinated chicken with rice.

“Nice and what’s for pudding?

“I’ve made a trifle with fresh fruit and “Birds Custard”.

“Mother you spoil me; I live on beans on toast in my student flat and Spaghetti Bolognese.”

Jimmy ran up stairs then shaved and put on a flowered patterned shirt and a pair of black flared trousers and his black boots. He splashed on some Old Spice aftershave from his father’s cabinet he combed his shoulder length blonde hair then hurried down stairs when he heard his mother shout that her guest had arrived.

“Open the door for me would you love.

“Okay mam; Jimmy opened the door and was blown away by what he saw.

Elisa Looked at Jimmy and flashed him a smile.

“Please come in said Jimmy.”


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