The New Tynesiders - Little Town - Book 2

"The New Tynesiders" follows the story of Akan Badoe; a Ghanaian immigrant who comes to settle in the North East along with many other ethnic groups. His struggle for acceptance in a racially bigoted Britain are documented. The story also follows young Jimmy Connors Hepple the boy from the "Little Town" story who is adopted by an eminent surgeon and his wife after a tragic accident where both his parents are killed in a gas explosion.
Jimmy meets Sydney a young black boy and they become friends. Jimmy the adventurer wants to work in the Arctic like his hero Sir Robert Falcon Scott. Sydney a doctor. The story takes you on a journey through the boys childhood into adulthood where colour, creed,or religion have no boundaries. The New Tynesiders will take you back from 1948- 1966.


55. 55

The summer of 1963 arrived the school had broken up for the holiday but Jimmy was laid up in bed. He had he measles and mumps. Jimmy had to be kept in a darkened room and monitored. It was a good Job Pat was on her two week break or she would have had to take time off to look after her son.

Jimmy was growing up fast he was now five feet nine and his voice had already broken.

He would no longer be an alto in his church choir; in fact he had been advised not to sing for at least six months. His mother ever the nurse was taking his temperature every hour and giving him aspirin every four hours. The thing was he felt okay apart from the lumps on the underside of his Jaw line.

 Sydney was able to come and see him because he had already had both measles and Mumps.

They had to check his medical records to see if he had had chicken pox or whooping cough. The records came back his birth mother had made sure that he had been given the polio vaccine. He had chicken pox when he was five. Sydney like Jimmy was going through puberty and had developed acne; his face and body were covered in spots. Jimmy was fine he had been lucky he didn’t have one spot.

Doctor Connors had given Sydney a prescription for some cream to be applied morning and last thing at night to stop him scratching them. The two lads sat testing each other as they had their final exams after the holiday break.

“Are you going into sixth form Sydney?

“Yes I have to if I’m to get into University; “I still want to study medicine and become a doctor like your father.”

“Have you decided what you are going to do yet?

“Environmental research in the Arctic I think.”

“What are you going to study in the Arctic?

 “I want to continue the work that Sir Robert Falcon Scot started; by researching penguins, seabirds, and climate changes.”

It’s going to be cold out there Jimmy; it’s warm work for me I’m afraid; I hope to go back to Malaya and work in the hospitals out there. 

“We are not going to see each other then for a year or so.”

“We can write can’t we said Jimmy?

“Yes I do hope that you will keep in touch.”

“Don’t worry my friend; you don’t get rid of me that quick.”

Jimmy’s mother came up to his room and brought them a drink of orange juice.”

Oh mam is there no shandy?

“No shandy for you lad until you get rid of the measles first. “ Orange juice has

Vitamin C so it aids recovery.

“Where’s my Lucozade and my grapes Sydney; that’s what you are supposed to bring sick people isn’t it?


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