The New Tynesiders - Little Town - Book 2

"The New Tynesiders" follows the story of Akan Badoe; a Ghanaian immigrant who comes to settle in the North East along with many other ethnic groups. His struggle for acceptance in a racially bigoted Britain are documented. The story also follows young Jimmy Connors Hepple the boy from the "Little Town" story who is adopted by an eminent surgeon and his wife after a tragic accident where both his parents are killed in a gas explosion.
Jimmy meets Sydney a young black boy and they become friends. Jimmy the adventurer wants to work in the Arctic like his hero Sir Robert Falcon Scott. Sydney a doctor. The story takes you on a journey through the boys childhood into adulthood where colour, creed,or religion have no boundaries. The New Tynesiders will take you back from 1948- 1966.


16. 16

It had started to rain as Alicia Ahomet went to the bus stop to collect her son.

Rain was something that Alicia was used to in Malaya but the cold here was completely different it seemed to chill you to the bone.

Alicia paid her fare and asked the conductor to tell her when the Bellevue stop was coming up so that she could get off. She gazed out of the window until the conduct tapped her on the shoulder to tell her that Bellevue was the next stop.

When she got off the rain was coming down even heavier she only had her light Macintosh on and a plastic headscarf so by the time she reached the house she was drenched. She rang the door chime and Pat answered.

“Hello Mrs Connors?

“Yes, you must be Sydney’s mother; Please do come in.”

“I’m sorry but I am a bit wet, your English weather is very unpredictable.

“Here, please give me your coat and I will dry it off for you.”

Michael got up from his seat and introduced himself.

“Hello Doctor Connors; my son has told me so much about you and your good wife.”

“My name is Alicia Ahomet, My husband Kofi works abroad as a structural engineer but unfortunately he works away from home most of the time. “ Hopefully you will meet him when you come to my house when he returns next week.

“That would be nice said Michael; as pat brought in a tray with some tea and coffee.

Please Alicia help you self to some tea or coffee.

“I take tea please.”

Alicia poured herself some tea and added some milk and sugar then asked if Sydney had behaved himself.

“Oh yes, he is very well mannered; you have brought up your son well.”

“I hope that you don’t mind but I took the liberty of enrolling your son at the local library because he said you were busy.”

“Thank you that was kind of you Doctor.”

“Please; it’s Michael when I’m not on duty Alicia.

“You must call me Patricia too said Pat as she handed Michael a cup of coffee.

“Have you eaten Alicia; I can make you something or there is some apple and blackberry pie left that the boys had with ice cream.

“Thank you no, I have eaten before I came out; my son tells me that you are physiotherapist Mrs; sorry Patricia?

“Yes, at Sanderson’s Orthopaedic Hospital.” I have been there almost ten years now.”

“Where do you work Alicia?

“I work in a chemist shop in the town centre; Boots, do you know it?

“Yes I do, we deal with the chemist shop a lot for prescriptions and surgical fittings.

“Alicia sipped on her tea before asking another question.”

Sydney was telling me that you adopted Jimmy after both his parents were killed in an explosion. How tragic for the boy isn’t it?


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