Don't Let Me Go

It's been three years since Harry and Zoe got married. They have been going strong. They have seen each other everyday since then. They've woken up together and fallen asleep together. One Direction are going on a tour, a world tour. No girlfriends/wives aloud.

They have been together for so long, distance shouldn't be a problem, should it?


7. T-Shirt and Skinny Jeans

Harry and I got dressed. I put on a white tee shirt and black skinny jeans, black heels, I curled my hair and of course I am wearing my "D" necklace. I grabbed a pink clutch. Harry is wearing a white t-shirt covered by a black blazer and black skinny jeans.

Harry and I headed to the club, when we got there we were the first of our group to arrive. Harry and I were getting drinks when my phone went off. I checked it and Nicky's name was on the screen. I answered it.

"Nicky! Hey!" I pretty much screamed into the phone.

"Hi Zoe! Are you guys at the club already?" she replied.

"Yep, we are the only ones. Where are you guys?" I had to talk loud over the music.

"We picked up Louis, Eleanor, Perrie and Zayn. We are about 5 minutes away. Liam said he would be there in a few."

"Ok sweet. See you when you get here." Once again, I had to scream.

"Bye." we hung up our phones.

"Where are they?" Harry said turning to face me.

"They are 5 minutes away. Liam should be here any minute." Just as I said that Liam walked through the door.

"Hello love." Liam gave me a kiss and a hug.

"Haz." They hugged too.

"How have you been?" I asked.

"I've been great. Feeling better." Liam smiled to me.

"That's good to hear."

We all sat around the bar waiting for the others. About 10 minutes later you could hear the laughs and banter of a large group. I could tell it was them because of Niall's laugh. They came walking over to us. We all said our hellos and started the evening.

Everyone was talking to each other but I needed to talk to Nicky. I haven't seen her in a long time so I brought her to the side where it wasn't so loud.

"So, how have you been?" I asked. Taking a sip of my drink.

"I'm great. I mean how couldn't I be." She was gushing.

"What's going on with you and Niall?" I winked towards her.

"Well, we aren't really dating but we agreed that we aren't seeing other people." She started to blush and tried to hide it by taking a sip of her drink.

"That's really sweet." I smiled over to her and she smiled back.

"How are you and Harry?" Trying to be funny she winked at me. The thing about Nicky is that she is not a flirty person so when she winks it is quite comical. I couldn't help but laugh.

"We are great. It doesn't even feel like we are married, which I like. Aiden is doing awesome too." I was smiling from ear to ear.

We talked for a bit until Niall and Harry came over to us to bring us to the dance floor. We all danced most of the night. We drank but didn't get bladdered. At the end of the night we all got a taxi. Harry and I were the last to get dropped off.

We got inside, it was completely quite, that never happens. Not anymore, Aiden is always running around, he is so hyper. I'm not complaining of course but it's weird that our flat is completely silent. I kicked off my shoes because my feet were on fire.

I walked over to the kitchen to get a snack. I could hear Harry's footsteps go from hard to soft. He must've taken off his shoes too. I felt his body graze up against mine, my back was facing him. I quickly turned around and he was standing there with this lustful look on his face.

He was about to kiss me but I wiggled out of his reach and walked away. He made a grunting noise, I just laughed and sat down on the sofa.

"Come on!" Harry complained. I was only teasing him. He came and sat down beside me.

I didn't even need to look at Harry to know what he wanted, I want it too but I'm gonna make him sweat for awhile. Without even saying a word to him, I stood up and walked to our bedroom. I took off my clothes, all I had left was my bra and panties. I walked out of our room and back into the living room.

I knew Harry had his eyes on me, but I kept walking and went into the kitchen. I was cleaning my dishes when I felt Harry behind me once again. He must've remembered our previous conversation. "Two can play that game" I think is what he said.

"Nice play Babe." Harry whispered in my ear. He brushed my hair to one side of my neck and started kissing the exposed skin. I once again wiggled free, but before I could walk away Harry grabbed my arm, tight.

He pulled me back in front of him. His green eyes stared into my blue eyes. I went on my tip-toes and whispered in his ear. "Game on." I went flat footed again and winked at him. Before I could make another move Harry had me pulled flush against him.

Harry's lips were against mine. He started kissing down my jaw line, down to my neck and my chest. My hands were making their way to Harry's blazer. I grabbed the shoulders and pushed it from his body. He threw it across the room without breaking his kisses from my body. He moved his hands to my thighs and butt. With one swift movement I was on the counter tops.

I couldn't help but giggle as Harry bit the skin on my collar bone. I moved my hands to Harry's shirt and lifted it off of him. I threw it behind me. Harry looked at me and smiled. He moved his arm to the middle of my waist. He pulled me closer to him. His other hand grabbed my right thigh and pulled me back on to his waist.

Harry walked us to our room. My back hit a few walls on the way over. When we got to the room Harry wasted no time. He put me down on the bed, got undressed and took off my panties. We were both naked in a matter of seconds.

In minutes our bodies were grinding together, in passionate, sweaty sex. We both reached our climaxes at the same time. We were both out of breath, Harry flopped down beside me on the bed. We were breathing so heavily.

"That was a long wait." Harry finally got his breath back.

"You got that right." I smiled over to Harry.

He moved closer to me, placing his arm around me. I snuggled in close with him, my head rested on his chest. I could hear his heart beating so fast. I remember us falling asleep like this so many times before through the years.

"I love you." I kissed Harry on the chest. He moved his hand to my upper arm and squeezed me, like a hug.

"I love you too." He placed a kiss on the top of my head. Then we fell asleep together.

This will be the last time I fall asleep beside my husband for a long time. The last time I will be put to sleep by his heart beat, the last time I have his strong arms around me to keep me safe at night, the last time for at least a month. I am not looking forward to tomorrow.

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