Don't Let Me Go

It's been three years since Harry and Zoe got married. They have been going strong. They have seen each other everyday since then. They've woken up together and fallen asleep together. One Direction are going on a tour, a world tour. No girlfriends/wives aloud.

They have been together for so long, distance shouldn't be a problem, should it?


10. Trouble



Harry's POV:

After the show Nicky and the boys went out for supper to celebrate. I decided to stay in and call Zoe and Aiden.

I dialed Her number. She answered after a few rings. 

"Hey babe." She sounded happy.

"Hey. I miss you." I felt a tear in my eye.

"I miss you too. How are you?" She spoke, she sounded sad.

"I'm good, just in the bus alone. How are you?" I wiped the tear out of my eye.

"I'm good, just been hanging around with Aiden." 

"Is he awake?" 

"No, he's sleeping right now." She sounded apologetic.

"Oh yeah I forgot about the time zone. What did you do today?" 

"I went to the market, and cleaned to house. That's all. How about you?"

"Well, I hung out with the boys. Niall went to pick up Nicky and then we did a show." 

"Glad she made it safe. How was the show?" 

"It was awesome, really fun."

Zo and I talked for an hour or so. When we said our good nights we both got emotional. 

I grabbed a cup and some whiskey from the counter and poured myself a drink. I sat down on the couch and turned on the TV.

I pretty much drank the whole bottle by myself. I was sitting there when Nicky came inside.

"Harry babe! I've missed you!" She was really drunk.

All I could do was laugh, she stumbled around the bus. She sat down beside me.

"Where's Niall?" I asked.

"He wanted to party longer. I didn't so he brought me back." She giggled.

"How are things going with Niall?" I questioned.

"It could be better." She took a sip from the bottle of whiskey.

"Why what's wrong?" I looked over to her.

"It's just, I don't feel like I have a connection with him anymore." She put the bottle on the floor and leaned back against the couch.

"Why did you come out?" I just there and looked at her.

"I didn't want him to think I didn't like him. I thought that maybe this would bring us closer." She just looked up at the ceiling of the bus.

"Well, you've been here for less than a day." I tried to make her feel better.

"True, but I don't think it will matter. I just don't feel it anymore. How's things with Zoe?" She changed the subject.

"Good, I miss her." 

"Do you really? Or do you think that's what everyone wants to hear?" She looked over to me.

"What? Of course I miss her!" I sat up and have her a rude look. "At least I think I do." I leaned against the couch again.

"There's nothing wrong with that. You're a man and you're with your friends." She looked over to me and grabbed my cup from my hands and took a drink.

"That makes no sense. So you're telling me I can be happy and not miss my wife just because I am on tour?" She looked at me like I was stupid.

"It's fine Harry, just drink." She handed me my cup back. 

I took a sip. Maybe she is right, maybe I don't have to miss Her as much as I do. I should have fun, let lose a little bit.

"I wish I met you first." Nicky spoke. 

"What?" I looked over to her confused.

"I wish that I met you before Niall and before Zoe." She looked at me, right in the eyes.

"Why?" I stared at her more.

"Because, I have more in common with you. I've always liked you." She smiled towards me.

"Really? I like you too. We do have quite a lot in common." I took a drink from my cup and finished off the whiskey.

Nicky got up and brought another bottle of alcohol over to us. She took off the cap and took a drink.

"Here." She handed me the bottle and I took a swig. That's where the night goes blank.


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