Don't Let Me Go

It's been three years since Harry and Zoe got married. They have been going strong. They have seen each other everyday since then. They've woken up together and fallen asleep together. One Direction are going on a tour, a world tour. No girlfriends/wives aloud.

They have been together for so long, distance shouldn't be a problem, should it?


2. Three years

It's been three years since I married Harry. We had our anniversary a few weeks ago. Harry and I have a son his name is Aiden Styles.

He was born on February 19, he is 2 years old and freaking adorable. He looks just like Harry did. The two of them together are just the cutest thing, whatever Harry does Aiden tries to copy.

Over the past 3 years a lot of things have happened in our family. Louis and Eleanor got married, they got married in The Dominican. Niall and Rebecca broke up after a year of dating. She was too high maintenance. Zayn and Perrie are still dating but not married. They live together so they are pretty much married. Liam and Danielle broke up a year ago. They didn't see a future together, they are on good terms and are still friends.

Danielle is still my best friend and we always talk. We all do, except for Rebecca. She turned into a bitch, even after a few months before they broke up. She doesn't fit in our family.

One Direction are still together, they've been on a couple European tours since we got married.

They now have 4 albums and they are starting to work on their 5th. They are really excited they have been together this long. When they are at concerts you see fans from 10-30 years old. It's really insane.

I haven't seen my family at all in these 3 years. I haven't spoken to them, emailed them, nothing. Believe me I don't care I just thought I would update you.

Do you remember my friend Nicky from Paris? She has been visiting lately, her and Niall have become really close. They are always texting each other. It's really sweet actually.

Today the boys found out that they are going on tour, a world tour. They are starting in Las Angeles and going all through the states and all over Canada. Then their going to Australia and all those places. It's going to last at least 5 months maybe more.

I'm not looking forward to it. No girlfriends/wives aloud. So all of us ladies are stuck behind. At least all of us are going to be together. We can visit the boys but we can't go on tour with them. I'm not worried about me as much as I'm worried about Aiden.

He will miss Harry the most. It's gonna be hard to explain it to him. I have a feeling he will be pretty upset.

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