Don't Let Me Go

It's been three years since Harry and Zoe got married. They have been going strong. They have seen each other everyday since then. They've woken up together and fallen asleep together. One Direction are going on a tour, a world tour. No girlfriends/wives aloud.

They have been together for so long, distance shouldn't be a problem, should it?


11. Huge Mistake



  I woke up awhile later, it was still dark outside. My head was pounding, it felt like I was hit in the head with a hammer. I rolled over in my bunk. Nicky was laying beside me. 

"Holy fuck!" I screamed, she scared me.

"Jesus Harry." She rubbed her eyes and looked over to me in horror.

"What the fuck?" I just stared at her.

"Calm down, it's not like we did anything." She laughed and pulled the blankets over her head. "Uh, Harry." Her voice was muffled from the blankets.

"Ya?" I was confused.

"Look under the sheets." Her voice still muffled.

I lifted the sheets and looked under them. I was naked, she was naked. I put the sheets down and just laid there.

"Shit." I spoke. Nicky came out from under the sheets.  

"This never happened." She looked at me.

"What?" I looked towards her.

"We don't need to talk about this. Niall and Zoe don't need to know. It was just a drunk mistake." She grabbed her shirt from the bed and put it over her.

I just laid there looking at the top of my bunk.

"Ok?" She snapped me from my trance.

"Yeah deal." I still didn't look at her.

She hoped down from my bunk, grabbing her shorts as she did. She put them on and was about to go into Niall's bunk.

"You forgot these." I sat up and grabbed her panties from the end of the bed.

"Thanks." She took them from me and disappeared into the bunk.  

I rolled over and faced the wall. People say that what happens when you're drunk means nothing, but maybe it means everything. Maybe your drunk actions are sober thoughts.  

Did I want this? Did I want to kiss Nicky, have sex with Nicky? I have no fucking clue what is going on. Just as I was about to speak I heard the boys come into the bus.

I heard them get into their bunks.  

"Hey babe. How was the rest of your night?" I heard Niall whisper to Nicky.

"Good, just drank and talked with Harry." Nicky whispered back.

Just talked? I have a feeling we did more than talk, oh wait I know we did more than talk. This is not okay, what I did was wrong. What happened tonight will never happen again, I refuse to hurt Zo, not again.

Nicky's POV:

Niall cuddled up to me, all I wanted to do was push him off of me. I feel discussing and he deserves better than me. He deserves a girl who won't fuck his best mate.

I'm just too drunk, my mind and body is just fucked. I do like Niall, I just think I was away from him for too long and my mind just went crazy.  

Harry and Zoe are so cute together and they deserve to be together after all they have been through. They are a strong couple and I know Harry loves her. We were just drunk. That's all.

I fucked my best friends husband, I'm not this girl. I don't cheat on my boyfriend, and I don't do it with my best friends husband. I'm not like this.  

I refuse to be the girl who breaks Niall Horan's heart and I refuse to be the girl who comes between Harry and Zoe.

I was drunk earlier, I didn't mean what I said about Niall, I was tired and alcohol does that to me. I don't like Harry and I know he doesn't like me. He loves Zoe, I know it and so does everyone else. I don't like Harry...that's not how I feel, at least I don't think it is.





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