Don't Let Me Go

It's been three years since Harry and Zoe got married. They have been going strong. They have seen each other everyday since then. They've woken up together and fallen asleep together. One Direction are going on a tour, a world tour. No girlfriends/wives aloud.

They have been together for so long, distance shouldn't be a problem, should it?


5. Go with your heart.

Harry's POV:

Today is the first rehearsal for the new tour. Don't get me wrong, I love touring but I'm not looking forward to this one. Once we get it started I think I'll be fine. I threw on some lazy clothes and headed to the rehearsal space. When I got there all of the boys were already there.

"Harry mate, it's been awhile." Liam called to me.

I haven't seen Liam since the meeting about the tour, that was about a month ago. He has been busy doing his own thing. He went on some trips and has been with his other friends. I think he is trying to get Danielle off of his mind.

"Liam, I've missed you." I walked up to him and hugged him. I missed the "daddy."

As usual the boys and I ended up goofing off all day. We do our job but have fun doing it. We like to enjoy the time rehearsing. After rehearsals we went out for lunch. We went to Nandos (Niall got to choose the place) we got the back room to ourselves.

"I would like to do a toast." Liam stood up from his chair with his glass in his hand. The rest of us did the same.

"To all of us, we've been through Hell and back and we've never doubted each other. To an awesome 12 years." Liam raised his glass, we all did the same.

"Cheers." we said in unison.

We had our lunch and headed back to my flat. Aiden and Zoe were out on the town, so it's a boys afternoon. We grabbed some beers and snacks and put on the football game.

"So Niall, how is Nicky?" Zayn asked.

"She's really good. We've been chatting everyday. I really like her." Niall couldn't help but smile.

"Why don't you ask her to be your girl?" Louis smirked over to Niall.

"I don't know, I don't want to get into a relationship before our tour. It seems risky." Niall seemed to be unsure. I know he likes Nicky, like a lot.

"Go with your heart." I patted Niall on the shoulder and he smiled at me.

"Hows the wife and kid?" Liam chimed in. He was obviously talking to me.

"Their good, Aiden is sad that I'm leaving but he will be alright."

"How's Zo?" Liam spoke again.

"She's good. Still awesome." I winked at Liam.

"Is she still crazy in the bedroom?" All of the boys looked at me waiting for a response to Liam's question.

"She is still the same girl I met a long time ago." The boys were hoping for more than that but that's all they get.

Just as Liam was about to ask another question Zoe, Aiden and Danielle walked in the front door. Oh god, this is gonna be awkward. It got quiet in the room.

"Hey boys." Zoe broke the silence.

"Hey!" They all spoke together.

Zo and Danielle didn't wait for a reply they walked into the kitchen and Aiden sat on the couch beside me.

"Hi, Aiden." Niall's accent made Aiden laugh. It always has.

"Uncy Ni." Aiden cheered. He can't say Niall so he just calls him Ni.

We all had dinner together at our place and we all hung out afterwards. After Aiden went to sleep everyone left so we weren't loud and didn't wake him up. I walked the boys to the door.

"See you later." I waved goodbye and closed the door. I rejoined Zoe back on the couch. I snuggled in close with her.

"How was your day?" She chimed in.

"It was good we rehearsed, then went to Nandos and then came here and watched the game. Yours?" I looked down at her.

"It was nice. We went shopping and went out for lunch. It was nice to see Danielle again. She just got back from a job." She was so happy.

"That's good."

Zoe fell asleep on me, I waited until the TV show was over to move her. I picked her up bridal style and brought her to our room. I placed her on the bed and pulled out the covers. I moved her into the right spot and tucked her into bed. I got undressed and climbed in beside her. I was barely in the bed when She turned over and put her head on my chest and hand. I looked over to her, she was still sleeping.

I reached over to the bedside lamp and shut it off. I wrapped my arm around Zoe to pull her closer to me. I kissed her on the top of her head and quickly fell asleep.

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