I hate you

Well hi I guess my name is gabby and I hate my life I hate my friends I hate my family and I hate everyone I know I cut myself I'v tried to kill my self twice but failed. My parents whip me and well life is just over rated because we just all fall down. (permanent vacation)


2. hate!!!

DREW KENNDY he caused me pain I thought I loved him I thought he loved me but I was wrong and it all unraveled on the second Monday of school last year.

*flash back*

I ring the door bell Mrs.Kennedy answered "oh hi sweetie Drew is in his room" she said "thank you Mrs.Kennedy" I walk past her and up the stairs down the hall to Drews room today is our 1year anniversary and I'm going to surprise Drew I take a large breath and open the door my eyes go wide "Drew!!!!" I ask as he looks up from having sex with some girl "who is this babe?!?"the random girl asked "oh well I'm his EX-GIRLFRIEND AND DREW GREAT JOB REMEMBERING OUR 1YEAR ANNIVERSARY!!!" I rush down the stairs and Drew's mom was at the bottom of the stairs.

*end of flash back*

So any ways I'v been miserable since then

I'm half way to school when I turn around and a boy throws a water ballon in my face "what the fuck!" I say "go kill yourself bitch" I look at him god I'm happy I'm living now "fuck off" I yell and keep walking.

Sry it was short chapter not as short as the last one but I'll make them longer in the future

- mae_Clifford xxx

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