Are you joking

Wow Carolin and Michael look beset alike and get along very well but Caroline finds out a huge secret and it might destroy there friendship


5. 5boys

*month from sleepover*

Carolin's POV

I grab my books for English out of my locker. I grab a tam-pod put it in my back pack lock my locker I start to walk when a boy caches my eye I'v never seen this boy in my school before he was tall with blond hair he was wearing some black skinny jeans and a green day t shirt on I looked at him (and yes I know I said there would be know skinny jeans but I had to) he quickly looked at me his eyes there well there big and blue and beautiful and then I snap into reality because Michael stands right in-front of me "what?drooling over a boy?" He asked and turned to look at him "I-I I know that boy I'v seen him before I know it I'm not crazy" I say ignoring Michael and walking off to my class from the corner off my eye I see the boy staring he's with I think Ashton Irwin Wow the kid must be popular because Ash is supposed to be in tenth grade but got pulled back into 8th and well Ash is super popular and I wouldn't mess with him. I remember In the sixth Ash knocked good out of Ellie's hands and she yelled at him do he punched her and that's how I met her but that's not the point Ash is supper popular and is a jerk.

When I walk into my class I see the boy with blond hair he smiled and I returned one I approach the seat next to him but before I even got close a girl took it "umm I was ganna sit there" I say "well oh well" she replied "your in sixth grade wright?" I ask "well duh" wow this girl is sassy "well you might have been the tough girl in fith grade but not here move!" I yell but it was so loud only her and the boy heard "didn't think you hade that in you" she said and got up "wow your good you'll have to teach me some time"the boy said I smiled and giggled "hi I'm Caroline" I say "why hello I'm Luke" the bo-Luke said "do I know you you look so familiar" I ask "I thought you did too"he said smiling I think for a second oh I know "Oh my god I know you" I pull out my phone go to my pictures and scroll until I find it a picture of me and Luke as kids cuddling on a coach I click it and hand it too him he looked dumb founded "oH MY GOD THATS YOU I STILL HAVE THE PHOTO TOO BUT MY MOM WILL NEVER TELL ME WHO THE GIRL WAS!!because we'll I do-" and the bell rang of course.

After about ten mins of not paying attention I open my binder and pulled out a paper I wrote "number?" I folded it and tapped Luke he took it read it he wrought something down and handed it back "6107984451 and Omg I can't believe you were the girl in that photo" I smiled and wrote "ikr so weird" I passed it back the teacher coughed "we'll passing notes I see would you like too come up here and share what is that paper I walked up and Luke followed "so______Ms.Styles please read the paper."and the class gasped at my last name (never said story was totally realistic?) and I don't know why I gulped and murmured what it said.

*after 8 periods of living hell*

walk out and text Luke he quickly responds and I give him address and told him to meet me at 5 at my place I look around to see Calum playing with his thumbs on a bench i walk turds him grab his hand and yank him through the crowd to the side walk "yay thanks for saying you'd walk with me" I said sarcastically and he chuckled "you know meal to well it took about 20min to walk from school to my house so I try to tarish the time alone with Calum

We talk and talk until he just stoops walking I look at him confused "I've been meaning to ask you something" he said scratching the back of his neck "well I was wondering if you would like to go and see a movie this Friday" my smile slowly dropped?!?!

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