Are you joking

Wow Carolin and Michael look beset alike and get along very well but Caroline finds out a huge secret and it might destroy there friendship


4. 4holyfuck

Caroline's POV

What the fuck how could this happen like I almost made out with my twin brother in a closet you know I can't even bare being in the same room as this women I storm up the stairs with Reese close behind when I get to my room Calum is siting up on the bed "what happened? Are you okay" I started to cry and ran to him and hugged him tight and he hugged back started crying hard on his shoulder he kissed my he'd and pulled back "what happened?" He asked I looked at Reese she nodded yes.

After I explained every thing to Calum he looked really dumbfounded I feel kinda bad

Calum's POV

My mind just can't take this all in like HOLY CRAP Michael and Caroline are twins and Michael doesn't know it what the crap but I can't blame Caroline she just found out tonight to but now at least I have more of a chance with her witch I'm Beaty happy about.

As I get deeper into my thoughts u start to drift to sleep.

Caroline's POV

I wake up cuddled into Calum and I smile to myself he's so cute when he's sleeping he slowly opens his eyes "why hello Beautiful" I blush hard and he kisses my cheek bolt went through my body and butterfly's rushed to my stomach he got up and went to the washroom god dam what was that.

Minutes later

We are all at the table talking when Michaels dad rings the door bell I open it "well hi Caroline" I hugged me and no it wasn't awkward hugging my best mates dad "hi daddy" I wiser he he pulls away and looks at me "dose Michael know" I nod my head no "okay but how do you know then?" He asks "talk to your ex-wife" he looks at me surprised and I run back to the dining room "hey mum Michaels dad needs to talk to you he's at the door"I say "okay sugar pot " I give her a look because I hate when she calls me that!!

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