Are you joking

Wow Carolin and Michael look beset alike and get along very well but Caroline finds out a huge secret and it might destroy there friendship


3. 3WHAT!!!!


Carolin's POV

I'm in seventh grade I'm still best friends with Cathryn,Calum, and Michael but I'm now also friends with Ellie, Reese, and Victoria we all hang together a lot but my moms has been acting weird she doesn't like when I ask her if I'll ever meet my father when usually she just says some day when now she tells me to go to my room.its the se with Michael but with his dad.

Tonight Michael, Calum, Ellie, and Reese are sleeping over and yes my mom trusts me a lot and I'm glad

"Sooo what do u want to do" Reese questioned "umm I dunno" Calum responded "oh how about spin the bottle " I asked Michael started staring "seriously" "ummm ya" I replied to Calum " okay why not" Reese said as she shrugged

Michael span first.oh crap it landed on me "okay" I gulped really loud. all I span. MICHAEL no no no fuck no "okay" I gulped again we found are way into the closet

"Do u really want to do this" I looked at him with terror in my eyes "umm Michael I don't think it's right to do this" he looked at me confused "what??" "Never mind" he then lightly kissed my cheek and opened the closet "let's stop playing" Michael suggested. We all agreed


ITS LIKE 1:00am Michael and Calum are asleep Reese and I have been talking for hours about random stuff lets just say Michael and Calum aren't the tip who like to stay up. "Hey Reese we should spy on my mom ya?" "Umm why?" "because it'll be funnnnnn-------pleaseeeeeeee" she gave me a look that I'v never seen before and finally she said "fine" we snuck down the stairs slowly and cracked the door open she was on the phone in her pjs on her bed "Dary I don't think we should tell Michael or Caroline it might cause problems" I looked at Reese as she looked at me "look we got divorced for a resin Dary so please just stop" "Reese what is she talking about" I whispered to Reese but I guess I said it to loud because this happened "girls what are you doing down here" "ummmm" she looked at us worried "girls come in here" she said and shut the door "look this is going to sound really unrealistic but it's true and you can't tell anyone okay?" She asked "okay" we both said "okay Dary as you know is Michaels father well we were married and he cheated on me little did he know I was pregnant with his child and little did I know that there were actually two I have birth to two beautiful children witch I named Michael and Caroline after you two were born I told Dary he got costedie of Michael I got costedie of you we agreed never to say anything and little did I know we ended up moving to the same town as your twin brother oh and he's 23 seconds older than you." "OH MY GOD!!! How could you keep this from me!?!?!"

Ok people I am finally going to publish this because I wanted to make like three chapters before I publish sry if anything is spelled wrong and for all grammar mistakes but hopefully I will be able to update every week or every Month if I have time I hope you all like it do fare I'm trying to make a story that I've never read before so gtg BYE!!!!!!!

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