Are you joking

Wow Carolin and Michael look beset alike and get along very well but Caroline finds out a huge secret and it might destroy there friendship



4 months later

Caroline's POV

Michael, Cathryn were still my best friends Calum was more like Michaels friend I started liking a boy named Justin Nadwody about a month ago but I doubt he likes me back. At recess now I play 4square with Michael Cathryn and a bunch of other kids. I usually go to Cathryn's house with Michael we talk while on the swings we sometimes invite Calum if we do we play capture the flag we also to do Michael's hair because it's so long we have so much fun all the time

Rumors are starting to go around that I'm in love with Michael but that's not the cause I love him as a friend that's all I don't think there's anything wrong with having a friend that's a boy and people think Cathryn is in love with Calum witch is not the case at all she loves Calum as a friend sorta.

Michaels POV

I think Caroline is beautiful I love her smile and the way her hair looks and how she's always flirty but doesn't mean to be but she likes Justin and it kinda sucks. In 6th grade I am determined to ask her out.

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