Are you joking

Wow Carolin and Michael look beset alike and get along very well but Caroline finds out a huge secret and it might destroy there friendship




Ok so most stories are about teens and how they fall in love with a hot boy in skinny jeans well this this is deferent.

Carolin's POV

Ok well hi I'm 10 years old. I've been to 2 different elementary schools and it's about to be three. Over the summer we moved to Sydney Australia we moved on a farm. We have four chickens, one roster, 17 chicks, one goat, two dogs, and three cats. I love it but I'm starting 5th grade it's a big deal and it kinda sucks because all the kids are going to know each other soooo ya!!

"BEEP BEEP" I jumped out of bed and and turned off my alarm. I was not going to be late today. I grab my towel and get in the shower.

When I get to school from the bus I was really nervous like really nervous everyone looked nice so I kinda felt okay. When I found my seat I realized I was seating with the gross/weird kids like not the cool kinda weird. When I announced my name literally nobody said "hi Caroline" seriously!

At reuses a few different girls came up to me I realized quickly these are the girls you don't want to be friends with bit there in the grass sat a girl that looked so familiar OMG it was Rachel yay she was my best friend from camp! We talked for the hole reuses on till the bell rang.

The next day zoomed by very quickly I was starting to sort out popular from non popular not to be a judgmental or anything I was also trying to see which boys were cute and which ones were out of my limit.

After about two weeks of school I got four best friends Jazzmen, Cathryn, Michael, and Calum but something weird is me and Michael look exactly alike pretty green eyes,dirty blond hair, big nose, and awkward smile sooooooo freaky


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