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45MinutestillL.A are trying to get a record deal with hi our hey records


1. first time meeting

Me Katy ad my best friends made a band well I made the band and I am outside of hi or hey records I was walking around town and I was singing so I had a few people ask me for pics because thy knew who I was and Uma Thurman came on by fall out boy and I stopped where I was and started dancing and singing the song when I heard a laugh but it sounded like ashton Irwin's laugh so I looked behind me and there stood 5 seconds of summer and they knew who I am because of is spamming there email and all so I guess they looked at our twitter and I scream witch made them jump and I took off running but as soon as u was around the Conner I was off of the ground I scream again and it was ash holding me in his arm and taking me back to the boys so I am on his hip and I was like a bored and then I thinking of how I could get out of his grip so I when I went dead weight he stopped and looked at me because he knew what I was trying to do but it did nothing to him so he stopped and looked at me I looked at him gave him a fake smile he said "I know that's a fake smile" DAAAANNNNGGGGGG IIIIIIITTTTTTT I said really loud so people would look and make him look at us but no one was near besides the other 3 boys but thy looked at me and luke walked up and took me I said "how do I not do anything to you guys??" Luke just laughed so I put on a pout as crossed my arms I was like how I was in ashton I said "your boney" I said looking at him and he looked at me acting and I laughed so I did a face I put my lips to the side of the face and went crossed eyed and they all looked at me then laughed and I sad yaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyy!!!!" They all looked at me confused I said "I like making people laugh as smile" I said smiling at them then luke put me down and we were outside of the hi or hey records and I looked at them with a grin on my face they liked confused but like knew what I was going to do so I said "hey guys???" They all said "yyyeeeessss???" "Byyyeeeeee!!!!" I said and took of running to where our house was and I made it to the door an all of the boys were running after me not far behind and when I got to the door I for got my key "CRAAAPPPPP!!!" "BRRREEEE NOVEMBER!!!! LILY OPEN THE GOD DANG DOOR I GOT PEOPLE FOLLOWING ME" I said the door opened and bre stood there with a grin on her face " LET ME DO ANOTHER LIP RING OR SOMETHING LIKE THAT OR I WILL NOT LET U IN!!!" Se screamed and the boys were coming up to the house but walking now and said no I do my want another please just let me in she jumped at me with the the gun u have when u get that type of stuff not a real gun ad I jumped back witch made me fall back and roll down the steps and I ended up on someone's feet I looked up and Michael was there smiling at me and I got up quick to quick witch made me fall back again and Michael caught me and I said a quick thank u before getting out of his grip but he then put me on his shoulder Michael where are we going?? I asked he just kept walking so I just laid on his shoulder I found out that we were going to the pool where the rest of the boys were and he put me down at the edge of the ground be the pool and as he shoved me I grabbed his short and pulled him with me

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