Daddy issues

Hey guys! This is about a girl, crystal, 15. He dad have sex with her and she can't tell anyone but what happens when she tells her step brother Luke? Will he defend her or just joined in with the "activities"?


1. just business

"I'm off on business next week Hun." Those are the dreaded words that came out of my mums mouth.

"So your dad will look after you, he will take good care of you." She could see how upset I was.

Don't get me wrong I love my dad what what he does to me when mum isn't around, that I don't love. He makes me have sex with him and do inappropriate things with him, if I don't oblige I get scars he cuts me and pours scolding water on me. " do it crystal. Do it or I'll hurt you." He said to me once and didn't open my mouth and I never will. It's been threats involving knives now, originally it was a paper clip, then a belt but now it knives and staplers.

"I love you crystal bubba." My mother said holding me in her arms while I hold back the tears.

I look up at her "do you have to go?" I said sniffling. " yes honey. I'm sorry!" With that mums phone bleeped off. She looked at her phone and looked at me.

"Hey Hun? I need to leave tonight, the guy didn't turn up and now well yeah." She mentioned getting up and making her way upstairs.

When I heard her in her bedroom my dad shouted me in the front room. I walked in and he had a big smile on his face. The face and smile that despise.

"Father." I said leaning against the door frame.

"CrystL, let's do something fun tonight!" He said sending me a devilish grin.

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