The portal

"Brother! Brother!" Coralline shouted as she ran around the asgardian castle after Thor, who had stolen her journal. As the two of them slowed down she yanked her journal and hid it behind her back. The two royals of Asgard, despite Thor being twenty five and Coralline being 20, still fought like they were five.

"I apologize sister. Brother Loki wished for me to guide you here." Thor said as Coralline realized where she was, in Odins private room.

"Thor, we cannot be in here. Father will be angry."

"Don't worry! What father doesn't know cannot hurt him." Loki announces as he comes out from the dark corner that he had always like to hide in.

"Loki." Coralline huffs and puts her hands on her hips "why did you wish for brother to summon me here?"

"I wished to show you something of course." Loki says like its the most obvious thing in the nine realms.

"What did you wish to show me?"

"This, it's a portal to another realm." Loki explains as he points to a small glass sphere in his hand, it glows a bright green. "When I become king I'm going to open the portal and travel across the realms."

"I shall become king brother. I am the first born son after all."

"Why must I not be allowed to become the ruler of Asgard just because I'm a girl?" Coralline huffs and sits on one of the marble steps.

"Girls cannot rule kingdoms as magnificent as Asgard." The God of mischief says while walking towards his younger sister.

"Women can rule anything they like! I am to be married tomorrow so I have the ability to rule if you choose not to."
She states, angered by her brother. Her father had put her in an arranged marriage with fandral since she was four, and the wedding was to be the next day.

"Mm..." Loki hums "if you activate the portal and throw something through I will believe that you could rule Asgard just as easily as Thor or I."

"Loki I do not think father would approve of this-" Thor adds on cautiously.

"What father does not know will not hurt him." Loki stated again. "Do it Coralline."

Coralline hesitated before slowly stepping towards the sphere and holding it up in between her pointer finger and thumb, it wasn't more then the size of a quarter. "How do you activate it?" She gulped.

"Crush it." Loki responded. Coralline slowly put it under her shoe and held a small necklace to throw in to the portal once it opened. "I guess she's too afraid Thor." Loki scoffed and at that Coralline crushed it.

Hazy green smoke arose all around her, it blew her long brown hair around so it hit her face, she could hear her brothers yelling something at her but couldn't understand them, she could hear her mother and father as well. The smoke covered her vision and made its way into her lungs, it burned her lungs and her throat. Before she could react she felt her body drop to the cold hard ground.


1. Prologue

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