The Changing

After Ron hurts me, and Draco helps me, and I go through the change and find my true identity, what will happen to me?

Don't know where this is going quite yet, gonna keep it yellow for now, might go red!


4. Swimming

“Draco where are we going?”  I ask for the like fortieth time.  

“You’ll see.”  Draco replied, again.  

I jump onto his back as we continue to walk and my legs get tired.  “Please tell me.  I’ll do anything.”  

“We’re almost there.”  He smiles as we come over a hill.  “Welcome to my favorite place to hang out.”  There was a clearing in the wooded area and there is a set of swings, a small pond, a little shack, a bathroom shack, some chairs, a fire pit, and a small sandy area.  “I would have flown here, but as I remember you don’t like to fly on broomsticks.  And we can’t apparate due to the magical barrier I put up.  I did this all.”  

“It’s amazing, Draco.”  He carries me over to the chairs and sets me down.  

“Anything for my amazing birthday girl.”  He kisses my cheek.  “Do you want to go swimming?”  He asks me smiling.

“I didn’t bring a swimsuit.”  I tell him confused.

“That is ok, can I show you something cool?”  Draco asks and I nod.  We walk to the shack and he must have used an undetectable extension charm.  We walk to a small swing door and he opens it.  A wide variety of clothing that would fit him and me.  “It has a charm on it, it produces clothing for the person in the room.”  I grab a blue bikini top and white bottoms and quickly change.  Going to the mirror I notice what the change has done to me.  Draco did my hair this morning and I didn’t look in the mirror, so I decide to study my new look.  I have long, waist length, wavy, almost platinum blonde hair, and big blue eyes.  I was paler now and had little to no freckles.  I slide my clothes off and the swimsuit on and walk out.  Pull the hair tie I walk out to where Draco is and hug him from behind.  

“Hermione, Love, what took you so long?”  He asks but then realises I have my hair down and a bikini on.  My assets are definitely more defined now too.  “You look amazing, Love.”  He has on a matching pair of blue and white swim trunks.  

“Draco, why don’t we swim.”  I ask and step into the cold water.  I start shaking.  

“Hermione, are you ok?”  He asks running into the water.  “Why are you shaking.  It’s heated.  Hermione?”  He lifts me and sets me on a chair and wraps a towel around me.  I continue to shake and he runs me to the magical barrier.  We apparate to the manor and Draco runs in, with me in his arms.

“MOTHER! FATHER! HELP!”  He yells as my eyes flutter shut and I black out.

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