The Changing

After Ron hurts me, and Draco helps me, and I go through the change and find my true identity, what will happen to me?

Don't know where this is going quite yet, gonna keep it yellow for now, might go red!


1. Ron?


“Hermione, where’d you go?”  Ron bellows out as I hide under his bed.  

After about five minutes, he comes back with another girl.  She slides off her heels, then her leggings, then her panties.  Ron's jeans come falling down next, then his socks, and his boxers.  She giggles as they kiss and the bed jumps.  Her shirt comes down followed by Ron’s shirt and her bra.  She starts moaning and I can’t stand it.  Right, before I jump out I hear her moan something.

“I’m I’m gonna c-c-cum.”  She starts panting a lot.

“Don’t worry Love, I’m gonna cum too.”  He goes faster and it stops.  I crawl out from under the bed, stand up, slap him, and run out crying.  

“HERMIONE!  WAIT!  IT’S NOT WHAT IT LOOKS LIKE!”  Ron yells after me as I run right into Harry.  

Harry tries to catch and stop me but fails.  Now I know what has been going on while I’m off to school and Ron stayed here.   I go to the room I’m sharing with Ginny and pack up all my stuff.  I decide to go downstairs and tell Ginny and Molly what I saw and that I’m going back to Hogwarts.  I find Ginny tell her and leave.  Expecting Ginny to tell everyone.  

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