The Changing

After Ron hurts me, and Draco helps me, and I go through the change and find my true identity, what will happen to me?

Don't know where this is going quite yet, gonna keep it yellow for now, might go red!


3. Morning


I wake up a few minutes before midnight.  I lightly trace Draco’s face and lightly kiss his cheek.  His eyes flutter open and look down at me.  He watches the clock turn to midnight and my piercing screams start.  It feels like every bone is my body was breaking at once.  The doors fly open and in comes Mrs. Malfoy and Mr. Malfoy in their robes.  

“Draco, what’s going on?”  Mrs. Malfoy asks.  

“I don’t know, she was gonna be alone on her birthday at Hogwarts and so I invited her over.”  He said quickly.  

“What birthday is it?”  Mr. Malfoy asks as they both rush over.  

“Her nineteenth.”  Draco replies.  

Lucius' eye widen, “You don’t think that she’s the Gray girl, do you?”  

“I do, they did give her up to muggles and only told Dumbledore of her whereabouts.”  Mr. Malfoy scans me over as the pain stops.  I sit up and look at them.

“What was that?”  I ask, thoroughly confused.  

“Hermione, you are not a Granger, nor are you a muggle born.”  Mrs. Malfoy starts.  “When you were three months old, you parents gave you to the Grangers.  They were both forced by their parents to join You- Know- Who’s ranks.  As were we.  When they were told the plans for you and Draco, they hid you away, they were smart.  Every witch in your family has been very powerful.  Your father and mother were killed before the downfall of You- Know- Who.  Your mother was my cousin.  I was closer to her than any of my siblings.  She asked me to be your godmother, for when you went through the change.  And I couldn’t find you, but I’m here if you need anything.”

“Thank you, Mrs. Malfoy.”  I give her a hug.

“Please dear, call me Narcissa.”  She said and left with Mr. Malfoy.  “Sleep well children.”  


I woke up the next morning, tangled with Draco.  He was still sleeping and I just laid there studying his face.  I watched him for about two minutes before he mumbles something.  “It’s not nice to stare.”  

“I wasn’t staring.”  I whisper to him.

“Yes, you were.”  He runs a hand through his hair as he sits up.  “How’s the lovely birthday girl, Grey?”  

“I am wonderful.”  I smile as Draco pulls me up, planting a kiss on my forehead.  

“I have a question for you, ‘Mione.”  Draco mumbles into my hair.  I nod my head for him to ask away.  “Do you want to go out with me?  Like on a date?”  I nod my head and he starts mumbling again.  “I need a spoken answer, please.”  

“Yes.”  I whisper back to him.

“Yes, what?”  He mumbles teasingly.

“Yes, I will go out with you, Draco Malfoy, on a date.”  I whisper.  

“I love you ‘Mione.”  He whispers.

“I love you too, Draco.”  I whisper.

“We should get up.”  He makes me sit up with him.  

“Draco, I don’t want to get up.”  I whine.  “It’s my birthday.  I should be able to sleep in.”  

“You did sleep in.”  He points at his clock, eleven thirty.  “Come on beautiful, let’s get you out of here, my beautiful princess.”  He picks me up bridal style and carries me downstairs into the kitchen.  He sets me down in a chair and starts making food.  I sat looking around at all the nice things that they had.  Different little items all over.  After about ten minutes, Draco sets down a pile of French Toast  and a fruity syrup in front of me.  

“How’d you know?”  I ask, digging into my food.

“It’s my favorite, too.”  He says stealing a bite of my food.

“Not cool, this is mine.”  I pull the plate away.  

“But guess who made it.”  He reaches across me and pulls the plate in between us.  

“Fine, I’ll share.”  I cut a piece and put it in Draco’s mouth, as he cuts and put it in my mouth.  “Thank you Draco.”  I whisper.  

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